Wizards Class Pack Mod A21 (WIP)


@wwtd I hope you dont mind but I made a helm for the wizard green. Sadly it cant be read in the game.

wizard_green_af.smod (14.7 KB)

Im planning to make upgrade gears for all the wizard class you made since they’re so cool

Thank you


Hey @wwtd finally done with the Green wizard armor and weapon.

Just figuring out why isn’t using the tome after changing weapon

Going to make gears for blue and red!


I am using this mod with the archipelago mod and the Roll For Need Mod and when i try to rank up my artificers to wizard it says they are level 0. I have crafted the tomes and i have the levels but i cant rank up for some reason.


rank down to worker and use that tome


THanks!!! It worked


any chance there will be an update to 22.5 or higher??? I’m on 23 right now and the game loads with the mod installed but the artificer will not craft anything and the crafting icon in the crafting menu will not become colored.


I second on that. Trying to figure out the MOD and how it works on the A23. Sadly Im having a hard time.