[Mod] (A21) 8BitCrab's Rune Mod: V2.6

Yah its odd I cant click it to move it nothing lol I didnt get an error either lol. The hearthlings still treat It like a fire. It is really neat looking.

your house is haunted, be happy with it hahahaha

well V2.0 won’t be out until tomorrow, as i didnt get the all of the lights finished today, but i did get one one more completed,

Forest Rune Garden Lamp

pretty happy with this one. now all that’s left is the Rune Stone Wall Brazier, however i’m still having a bit of trouble with the model for it, if you wan’t to see what i currently have made you can see it over here,


its all so pretty! I cant wait to play with it~! even my ghost fire xD

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I like This idear but i would like more coller version. mabye a red og blue one

Blue ones would be amazing too. Blue is my fave color so I am a little biased

I know the feeling my weekness is just Red

i’ll probably only be doing a single color for now, but maybe later i’ll make some different colors.

i just realized i never asked what color you actually wanted them to be… so if you would prefer blue over green just say so and i’ll change it.

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oh I really do love the green, it fits the forest theme all very well! and I would hate to see you waste all the work you have done so far as well!


i went with green because i thought it would fit the forest theme well, i’m glad you agree.

it wouldn’t really be going to waste, but i’ll leave them as green for now.

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whats new

  • added lights!
  • Rune Stone Brazier
  • Rune Stone Wall Brazier
  • Forest Rune Garden Lantern
  • Forest Rune Wall Lantern

known issues

  • none!

that’s it for this update, i did a bunch of testing, but there still might be some problems, so if you do find a problem with the mod don’t hesitate to say so!

i’m pretty happy with the mods current state, so i think i’m actually going to put it aside and work on some other stuff now.


On Praise, the description still reads +5 items, when now it would be +9 :grin:


i know. i’m not i ninja, i can’t update everything at the same time :wink:

edit: and updated, i was in the process of getting it updated when you said that.


-raises hands in surrender-

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one issue found, as well as my fire issue is still at large xD I may have to try and see if maybe I need to make new ones

as wella s I cant seem to sell them either?

I am going to start a new game since I am coming across errors from crossing over to alpha 16

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oh right… i knew there was one other issue with the recipe’s but i couldn’t remember what, i’ll get a fix on that after i check up on stuff around the discourse.

i don’t think that one can be fixed by a simple re-install of the mod, as the item is already placed…

any new ones should be fine.

oh… wasn’t paying attention to that info in their .json files… i guess i’ll also make them sell-able in the next update.


whats new

  • fixed recipe images for the Forest Rune lanterns
  • fixed the i18n for the Forest Rune Lantern recipe
  • made the Firepit Sell-able, worth 30 gold (not very good value… :stuck_out_tongue:)

known issues

  • none!

this was just a fix for some stuff. all the items should be sell-able now @Simica_Na, in fact the, only one that i found that wasn’t sell-able was the firepit…


For the mason, there are two recipes called “Rune Stone Brazier”. One is the actual stone brazier, and the other is the wall-hanging one. Unless you meant for them to be the same?

oh, whoops! not meant to be the same, will get a fix on that right now!