Fairy Mod 🧚


Hi everyone. This will add a Zelda inspired fairy to all your hearthlings. Nothing more, nothing else.


fairy.smod :ballot_box_with_check: for alpha22.5
:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.

Hope you liked it! :jubilant:

  • Obviously Zelda inspired Fairy

hmmm my stonehearth crashes with this mod - tested also without any other mods.

logs doenst show any errors

For the next update, make it spam “Hey, listen!” alerts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Add magic light??

I love this! You should consider making them different colors. I think it would be cool seeing a little bit of variety in the wisps. Other than that good job on making this.

Please no.


Ops, totally forgot about this. It was just a quick mod, while I was testing something else. Took less than an hour to make, excluding the whole rest of the day trying what I was testing that in the end didn’t worked.

Working fine here.

Actually possible, with soundtracks!

It glows already! But it has a very short radius, 2 blocks only, so it needs to be very close to something to illuminate it.

I tried it at first, in a way that unfortunately made them blink in random colors. To make it then I would require a lot more work than what I was planning.


I thought about rewriting it in a better way, that would enable the fairies more freedom in the movements instead of being “glued” to the hearthlings, and also adding random colors, plus now the idea of adding sound.
But this was just a quick mod, just visual with no function whatsoever. So I will leave it alone for now.
Maybe in a23 when the cubemitters(particles) I used break (probably will from what I saw) I rewrite it all and make an update for it.


Does it still work now? Because I find this so cute :open_mouth:

Have you considered making them critters/pets? You could reuse a lot of code, it would solve the freedom of movement and you would get wild once in the woods.
I’m guessing there is a setting for how far away a pet is allowed to go. You should probably set a shorter range in that case, too keep the Zelda style, but if you could make it vary, so that it goes exploring from time to time, that would be even better.
Going beyond a quick mod:
Wild fairies could interfere with the trapper. Either that they trigger traps but don’t get caught or that they get caught but the trapper just lets them go. If they don’t get caught then there might be an upgrade to the trapper to be able to catch fairies as well. Not sure what you would use them for. Most things I can think of feels quite evil. Maybe goblins like to eat them.
I don’t know if you could make certain critters more common in certain areas but if you could then there could be fairy territories where there is little to no point in trying to trap regular critters. Maybe the fairies of a certain territory have a certain color and they want your help to mess with the fairies in another territory.

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