Voxel Creations, Opinions Needed

Awesome! This need a mod ! :fearful:

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@Killex id love to use these in a mod


Remember the Roman mod discussion, this dude has no issue with modelling Bruno :stuck_out_tongue:

Hot damn mate these are crazy good ! Keep up the good work !

@MaddyGrand I’m modelling after Hordes/Warmachine Models. And thank you.

We had a small discussion about modelling being a pain in the ass :stuck_out_tongue: I said someone like yourself would make it look easy and you sure did XD

if you want i can make the mod for you? or perhaps someone wants to add it to his mod -

for example [Mod] (A21) 8BitCrab's Rune Mod: V2.6 the green runes would be perfect with your weapons?

@Wiese2007 well the goal is about 18 suits of armor Light/Medium/Heavy x 6 different factions. 4-6 weapons per faction and a few monsters/creatures thrown in for good measure.

these models shown are the only voxels ive ever made only been messing with this stuff for about 2 weeks

I do a suit of armor in about 3 hours and a weapon in about 1 so if I keep steady I’m looking at about 2 weeks worth of work before I get into monsters and skeleton animations


I’m going to offer my models to the public for mod Use.

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I think you might wanna go into @Wiese2007 his offer and work with him. He’s done a great deal of work before, but please Wiese keep this up-to-date if you start it !!! So many mods outdated since A18 :frowning:


have you every seen one of my mods outdated? xD

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not yet and I hope this would not end up like the Bastioneer mod :stuck_out_tongue:

All these models look so damn good I’m convinced he could make a warrior tribe race in voxels

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@MaddyGrand @Wiese2007 Here’s My First Set of Armor, Accessories, and Weapons


Time for Medium Armor and 2 more Weapons

Absolutely gorgeous ! Whats the theme/idea behind the inspiration and would you have a model for characters as well possibly ? It seems you base the armor on the model of a hearthling which then sets a certain kind of setting right. Seems like you can’t really do much with the hearthling model anymore then ?

overall great work keep it up !

What do you mean? These are outfits for possible characters and such. Helmet and Body Pieces are completely separated.

I have no skill in the Coding Process, So these are base designs for say new classes or additional armor for existing classes

Alright, well the thing with armor is it has to “fit” the character model. As such if you put a lot of effort into these armors you should probably make them for the basegame races only currently. A new race with different height,width etc. can mess up how the models look while equiped. It’s not as much code as it is keeping track of what your dimensions are.

OHHHHHHH. I’m using base model characters for Scale. so for that armor I used the Knight outfit and modified as needed Weapons are based on scaling of in-game weapons


@MaddyGrand Light Armor W/ Tricorn


These look insanely good ! My god you’re gonna need to make a set/mod for this.

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