Quality of life suggestions

i have a few suggestions that i think will help the people who have a town on the larger side and organizing

  1. being able to further specify what items you can have in a storage area such as having a mine and only alowing stone in a spot then another spot that only allows tin ore then another that only lets iron ore and so on so on

  2. being able to set priority’s to the storage’s such as having a guard post a bit away from your village and you want them to eat near their defending spot so what i did was make a house with beds and storage near the spot the storage only allows cooked food in it but it never gets any since it is so far away from the spot the cooked food is being made so it go’s to the nearest one that allows cooked food


there are mods for these things




A possible angle to attack this could be to create a system where you’re able to set certain crafting stations to deliver to specific stockpiles. Although that would also require changing workshops to operate separately and either being able to assign a specific hearthling to certain workshops, or set a prioritising system (where a specific # of an item or item type allowed in a stockpile ‘could’ work, but would be far less efficient) would work well for outposts or like you said, external guard posts.
Unaware of if someone’s done such in a mod already or not. I’m not up to date on the mods around at this time. However I think it would be a nice idea, and it would add more importance to multiple hearthlings in a single profession, other than faster resource production.

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I’m pretty sure that except for Better Stockpiles those mods are outdated.

its alpha what do you expect