[MOD] FoodCrates 1.02


This modification adds craftable crates to store food inside. Ranging from small to large, you can store 10 - 30 items of food inside the crate.

What does this mod do, and what doesn’t it do?

It does:

  1. Creates decorational ‘Crates’ that you can place and deploy as you see fit.
  2. Adds 12 new models for the 4 growable fruits/vegetables
  3. Instead of using 30 inventory slots of edible food. A large crate holds 30 items of food into an inedible stockpile slot.

It doesn’t

  1. Change the amount of food servings you can take from a food resource.
  2. Turn the crates into their own stockpile, you can’t add food to the crates, you have to create the crate with X amount of food and 1 wood resource.

##Link: FoodCrates

##Berry Crate:

##Corn Crate:

##Pumpkin Crate:

##Turnip Crate:


1: Click the link to get the Zip file.
2: Extract the foodcrates.zip and place the foodcrates.smod file into your mods folder under stonehearth\mods
3: Load the game and enjoy.

This mod wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Radiant and the generous people in this forum which have spent hours of their time helping members of this community. Give them a thanks also.


Dude, genius. Way to go on this mod, freeing up stock space and doing it this way make so much sence :+1:

Also could you make crates for the beef/jerky?


brilliant stuff! surely this paves the way for additional storage crates and chests that the community has been so longing for?

fantastic work! :+1:


Love it! I will try it out :-)!

maybe you can make it so the heartlings can eat from the crates too


How does it work, are the crates a tardis-like storage space that can be added to and taken from, or do you use up 10/20/30 food items creating them and can later break them back down into 10/20/30 items?

If it’s the later, have you thought about the effect it will have on your towns net value? And will it be considered by the calculation which determines how much food you have and thus whether you qualify for a new Hearthling to join you after the daily report?

Im testing this now. Only thing so far is the Carp has to grab each one when he builds one. I built the turnip crate large. Took 1 wood and 30 turnips, he ran to the turnips 30x lol

Which in turn really ties him up lol


looking at the files i can say that they don’t add to the net value

Am thinking that by time you get to the point you need produce storage your worth wouldn’t be affected by storing a crate or two :smile:

I disagree. 30 ears of corn or 30 turnips etc is actually a reasonable whack of net worth. And if they’re not adding to net worth, I’m pretty sure they also wont be adding to total food stock number (which affects whether you get a new Hearthling each day) which is a reasonably major thing…

It is counting the Food worth. I don’t know about net worth

Uhm yeah they will not eat from the crates?

Wouldnt it be better if they did, w/o having to break it down?

Also note, that when they try to un-deploy the crate, they have it stuck in their hands, w/o putting it down while moving around (they will not touch anything else). Also most time you can not un-deploy crate. (work around: Click un-deploy, then click deploy somewhere else. They will un-deploy crate) Crates will not go into stockpile. When this happened i saved and try to reload. It breaks the save/load game on that point.

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I’ll have a look into the net value, completely forgot about that.

As for eating from the crates, I wouldn’t know where to start with that. This is why I’ve added the option to ‘tear down’ the God crates back into their resource. If someone knows / wants to do that then fiddle about with what you need to do and send me it, you’ll get full credit for doing that.

Despite the issues and that I’m glad you guys are enjoying this. Through everyone’s help I hope we can make this mod better. Thanks.


Updated the mod

Fixed the Net Values
Stopped the Earthlings picking up the box to eat it and getting stuck.

If a am not mistaken, for then to eat from the crates they need to be on the stockpile, so in the iconic form.

For that to work i think you will need some components that you can found on the food baskets ( each food type have different values ). look for “stacks”, “maximum stacks” and “stacks per serving”

i could give you more info if i was at home

The whole point of this mod was to make the crates be placed outside of the stockpile.

i haven’t added the net value code to berry_small.json for example, but both the iconic and ghost json have the net values added. So maybe that might let the net value increase outside of the stockpile.

If I wanted to increase the amount of food you can store in the stock pile id just override the 4 json files for the food items.

@TomMartow, neat stuff! This has the potential to be greatness and everyone’s feedback can really make this evolve.

Myself, I’d see this as a way to store food I’ll probably never need out of the way.

Also, Do we know yet how traders will deal with this food if we sell it to them? I’ll fire things up and see what happens.

As of right now, how this works, is you store the food in crates, it does count this to food count and net worth. But you do not have access to it, to sell or your hearthling to eat. Only way to let them eat the food in storage and sell is to rebreak it down and let it go back to stockpile.

He can make the crates sell-able, but still need to be on the stockpile

Just stating what the mod does right now