Open basket storage/ single item crates

I would adore to be able to see larger baskets as storage. These would be one type items if possible. The creation would be like when the farmers are harvesting and you see the baskets of food but a larger version. It would be neat to see kitchens with large baskets of food. Or even the weaver with baskets (open faced) with wool, silkweed, etc. Same with shepards with their livestock food. I think something like this would also help keep certain items in a particular area rather than having hearthlings have to run across your town to gather one item etc


Maybe have movable carts of storage that can be packed with food and resources and brought to building/mining sites.

Maybe this mod is similar to what you’re talking about.

@MelOzone that is actually very similar to what I am looking for. I will have to see if it works for alpha 16

Hey, I came across this. This sounds a heck of a lot like the baskets that have been added to the game. Looks like the heard you :wink: