Restocking Failing

I’m not sure if this is a Stonehearth issue - but since I didn’t see it happening with anything from the default game, I’m posting it under “Modding” then.

However, I don’t really see what could possibly be wrong in terms of modding for this to be happening. My hearthlings keep trying to put items inside a couple of new objects I created (they’re both input boxes in terms of storage) but they just drop it and pick it up in front of the item repeatedly. SOMETIMES, very rarely, they do manage to put one or two items inside - which led me to believe that maybe it was a collision and/or adjacency issue… But the results are the same even after extensive testing like removing all the collision and such.

Has anyone seen such a behaviour? Any clue of what could be it?

Does this happen if you save and re-load?
I seem to have similar issues with vanilla containers, but they go away after a reload.

Yes, they happen on every test, every re-load, etc.
I’m scratching my head on this one :rofl:

Is this a rework of an existing SH container?

Yes, it is basically a modified input basket, not sure which one I cloned now (one of the woven ones, I think?)

Are you using the same amount of inputs? I assume you made a custom filters file? And last question are you using the default rig out of the SH input_bin?

No, amount of inputs was modified - I also modified the rigs to reflect the change. When filled (sometimes they do manage to fill it) everything looks in place so I assume the rigs are fine.
Yes, I’m using a custom filter file. This is it:

   "type": "index",
   "stockpile": {
      "resources": {
         "display_name": "i18n(",
         "filter": "resources",
         "ordinal": 1,
         "categories": {
            "rawhide": {
               "ordinal": 1,
               "display_name": "i18n(leather_plus:entities.rawhide.display_name)",
               "icon": "/leather_plus/entities/resources/rawhide/rawhide_stockpile.png",
               "filter": "rawhide"

The filter seems fine as well because they are trying to place the correct items inside

I would agree with your assessment. As a test I would recommend putting it back to 12 items and reusing the SH rigs just to rule them out.

I’ll try this out and post here again after the test!


Cool. Hope that helps.


Alright! Same thing happened… However! If you look closely, you’ll see that two hides are placed inside the container… And the two hides were the only ones that came from the left side of the image!

:thinking: There are no adjacency flags (all sides are approachable) and the collision/adjacency box is a square - literally. The same on all sides. Soooo… I’m unsure if that is the issue since I already removed collision entirely and it still happens. But that’s weird, right?

It really seems like something doesn’t understand all of the places that the items can be rendered from. If you were to take out the render contents = true do the items all disappear instead of ending up on the ground?

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Same thing happened.

But once again those that approached the object on the left side managed to put the items in.

:joy: my hearthlings right now:

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lol! So did the stocked items disappear or were they thrown on the ground? Actually I guess you could check the container’s inventory to see easier if they were deemed to be in the container.

An another option would be to only allow the one side to be accessible.

I fixed it, apparently. Turns out it was indeed a problem with region/adjacency and such… but a weird one.

Well, this was the original item:

They are 2.5 x 2.5 voxels in size and as such I decided to center them on the grid to save space (that way you can make rows of 2 every 5 voxels)
But apparently the issue is that even tho the region system supports it, they don’t deal well with broken voxels I think?
So even though the adjacency was set up correctly, its area was weird and for some reason only the ones that came close to the root of the object (bottom left) managed to stock their items.

However, changing it to a voxel centered object (And now using a non-decimal 3x3 area) works perfectly:

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I had the same problem with my anchor, the hearthlings behaved the same way when trying to place it in a ship I made. In my case it was the collision box, it was just 1/3 of a block and that was causing it to be reached but they couldn’t place the item. Making it one full block fixed.
Edit: oh, you figured it out

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Yep! But thanks nonetheless, if you had the same problem then it does seem to be an issue. If the region/collision supports decimals (and it does, the areas are properly rendered and all) they should probably work fine within the game too - but they don’t

It is probably one of the performance fixes they did in recent versions. It worked before, just not in a24.
At least in the vertical axis it was already “bugged”, as you set a fraction but the game would always consider it rounding up.

Oh, I guess that explains why I was not being able to properly place objects on top of others that had odd heights… And why tables have that weird height of one (that cuts the bottom of objects) even though they’re slightly taller.