Filter options and ideas

ive noticed with the supply racks there are a few missing options:

the ‘silkweed’ option should also be combined with coarse fiber bundle since they are both spun into thread

trees should be an option as well since you could have a shelf near an area were you are planting trees

steel ingot is not on the filter list

feeds: having this added would help keep feed close to pens for shepperds
Poyo Feed
Sheep Feed
Bunny Feed

with A24 items:
I think they need a sort of ‘renewable plant’ filter now

( im sure ill think of some other ideas that ill add as I come up with them)

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not sure if this is partly ‘bug’ as well since there are some missing items that should be on the list

Yes, fibers are like the logs, it does not matter which exactly item it is, as the only difference is visual, not functional. (Except for one recipe, the winter outfit that requires wool, which is a fiber too)

Not sure how well it would work, but I’d really like “Cooked Food” to be an option on the supply containers. I think this would be really helpful if you have multiple dining areas or a few guard posts that you want to keep stocked with food at all times.

(plus in my experience, keeping extra cooked food stored near your raw food seems to help hearthlings choose the cooked food over raw :sweat_smile:)


if they removed the ‘wool’ option and combined it with the ‘fibers’ I would be alrihgt with that. unless there are gongi to be more uses and needs for wool besides spinning it

One of the things that bugger me right now is that Blacksmiths and Cooks use so many different materials – both raw and processed – that in order to keep the them well-stocked, you need to put like one-gazzilion supply containers around the workshop.

It would be nice if we could select multiple materials to be stocked (like, up to 3), and then Hearthlings would try to keep up these with a healthy ratio. So when 3 item is selected, Hearthlings would try to provide 4 of each thing, or 6 of each thing when only 2 is selected.

hum a ‘large supply shelf’ could be a 2 by 4 item that would hold 5 of each of 3 or 4 types of items? not sure if they could pull that off thought

I do like the storage bins for some thigns and shelfs for others to make it look neat

For the blacksmiths and the cooks, I just place stone chests for their containers. Not only do they require a greater number of types of supply materials, they require a LOT of them. It is just easier all around. For the other crafters, the new supply containers are WONDEROUS!!! :jubilant:

well with most of the ideas for the options you would count them for both the single item baskets and tables as well as the stockpiles