New sub-zone in Stockpile for Animal Feed

I think there needs to be another sub-zone in the stockpiles so that you can keep your animal feed near the animals rather than having the sheppard run back and forth between the other stockpiles and the pastures.

(Apologies if this has been posted before but the only thing I could find on the forums was a mod)


as a workaround, try this wonderful mod:


The mod is spot-on, but definitely should not be restricted to the realm of the unofficial. Vanilla absolutely needs a differentiation between silkweed and flowers, at the bare minimum.

I’d rather just have a dropdown for “custom” that lets you pick literally any item you have any amount of.


I very much agree with this suggestion. Perhaps it would be simplest to re-organise the tabs/types to have a dedicated one for plants’? So the ‘plants’ tab would have a sub-type for medicinal herbs, silkweed/other fiber plants, tree saplings and other seedlings, and probably new plants in future (decorative flowers to be used in crafting?)

As for animal feed, a sub-type of food for animal feeds would probably suffice. However, I would like to be able to differentiate between the different feed varieties (livestock, poultry, rabbit feed, any future ones, etc.) so that I can distribute the correct type of feed to storage areas near the pastures which need that feed. If I have a shephard’s cottage next to the sheep pastures and have storage in there for animal feed, I don’t want it filling up with poyo feed lol.

I think that advanced settings to be used per-stockpile would be invaluable. Again, the mod seems to do a great job, but having the option there in the vanilla game would make it much more accessible to players who never come to the Discourse or who don’t want to use mods for whatever reason. I would love to have options to set specific limits for specific items, but also be able to include wildcards/by type; and even have an option for that chest to be the priority storage for certain items. For example: “I want this chest to hold 10 logs, 3 coal, 2 leather, and the rest of the space fills up with ore” to provide a go-to chest for blacksmith materials; while another chest might have “accept all ingots but keep at least 3 iron ingots in stock”.

I know that Radiant prefer macro-management over micro, but having tight control over the supply lines is one way to ensure that the macro management goes smoothly. After all, if we can set up “requisition” chests, we can then throw all incoming materials into generic storage and have workers pull the required materials into the requisition chests so that the materials are there whenever crafters need them.


Hehe have you played Factorio, YetiChow? :smiley: Well I agree it would be a wonderful idea and indeed helps with the macro management. Several crafting professions require several types of materials, but in the Carpenter workshop for instance I would prefer the majority of the material to be wood - still leaving a bit of room for few other mats. Hence more options for what to store and how much would be ideal.

I am with you on this, Zooka. Actually came to the forums looking to make this suggestion. I like having specific storage at different workshops and near the animals and ultimately a main storage building in the center of town, so a solution like YetiChows would be amazing.The main issue I have with the current storage options though is with the animal feed. I hadn’t taken this into account in my current town, so when I store cooking ingredients (which for some reason includes animal feed) near the cook, then the shepherds have to run all across town to get food for the animals. Not very practical. In general my cook has a lot more downtime where he/she would be helping out the farmers, so he/she has more time to run across town to place animal feed in the storage than the shepherds who rarely have downtime. I like to let my hearthlings eat roasts. :smiley:

Definately gonna try this out until we hopefully get more options in the vanilla game. :smiley:

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