New chest, blacklisting items

Hey everyone,
I have experienced a few issues with finishing the shrines and thought that a new chest which doesn’t allow the Hearthlings to use the items in it or in general a “blacklist”-function would solve these problems.
The Tapestry Monument for example requires several types of flowers and I would like to have the option to exclude the ones which are only available from trades. At the current state the Herbalist will use all flowers to make healing potions.
I mean of course you can just wait until the end game and stop crafting with the Herbalist, but I would like to save up since the very beginning.
What do you think about this suggestion or do you might have a better solution for this “problem”?
Maybe I am also missing something and that there is already a way to avoid it. (If that is the case, please let me know as well)
Have a great weekend!


Could be like a feature of Golden Chests or something that you can use the blacklist function like the one you described.

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