Groveling for all crafting items

Please please please can we be able to activate all 3 sets of superior craftable items? I’ve seen what they are from the merchants, and I would really love to be able to use all of them at the same time. What it we paid in multiples of the original crafting price for each additional one?


When you re-embark with the same faction, you keep the recipes. So the next time you finish the town quest, if you select a different shrine, you will have both sets (and same for the 3rd on the second re-embarkation).


Yeah! Thank you!

I just have to say that was a masterful way to handle the whole folks wanting all the buffs/decorations debate. It still creates incentive to build the same amount of towns, allows players to get all the buffs/decorations at once, and does so in a way that feels more like a reward for work. Great job!!!


Yes, I agree completely with @Logo here. Everyone gets what they want with a bit of effort. It also allows for trying out the different shrines to see how they work in combination with the banners and hearths.

I’d love to see a craftable banner buff. Maybe at a decreased rate from the chosen banner. Like getting a 10% or 15% speed boost to growing plants. Perhaps plants give half of their appeal value added to their appeal. Little things like that.

But, of course, make them kinda costly for that boost for the sake of balance. I’ve found that as the town gets more established, getting materials isn’t all that difficult.