Question: Quest for Township

I was just curious as what exactly are the differences between picking one of these statues?

There is currently no difference. The result is the same.
The only difference is how fast you can build one, that varies from game to game.

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@groms What are the differences on how fast you make one?

Depends on what you like doing. Some you can’t do at all if you’re playing peaceful because they require monster drops. Some require you to make specific foods that you need a shepherd for and others require you to level your crafters up to max level. You can see for yourself.


ahhh ok. I was thinking there may be different bonuses for it. like the cooking one, allows your cooks to be able to make better food etc.

Thank you.

Averest said everything :smiley:

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Are the makers planning on making a difference between each statue? (Just curious)

so if these statues dont particularly mean much other than to trigger the teir etc why is it I can only make one? Dx

You can make all three and place them. You can even make multiples to sell (or place if you like).

It is just that only one counts for the announcement/quest completion.

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odd, my town refuses to make any of the other ones apparently then. though I noticed that my save file was acting wonky. so I will make a new town and see.