Trading Goods Monument not showing in crafting UI

I have my potter to level 4 but I don’t see any of the monuments for township quest.

Aren’t they all Mason recipes? I know for sure with ascendancy they are, dunno if it’s different for Rayya’s.

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I looked through every crafting recipe

Can you take a screenshot of your mason’s crafting window? (And potter, if you want.)

But do you have the quests? Did accepted it already? Only after the quests are accepted you learn the recipes.

I have the quest “Quest for a township”

Better post the save game then for bug hunting.

I know I need to craft it at the Kiln because I checked the wiki,

If you are playing with Ascendancy, you can only make the fountain monuments. Only Rayya’s quest line have the Trading Goods Monument.
In your quest dialog it shows what monuments you can make.

how do I make a wall mount tapestry then?

At the weaver. All cloth related items are there.

GOD DAMN IT! ok, I totally forgot that was a thing. Thanks for the help

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