[FIXED] Can't complete township

I built the guild masters skill monument, my town value is above what is required. My town in Ascendancy. I pressed the button to summon the Herald to return, but he never did. I can’t complete this quest and get the extra buildings/other stuff.

We need a screenshot with your proogress for answer anyway

Is this what you mean? I have very little experience with bug reports/computers in general, so hopefully you can see - I have the monument placed, the quest is vanished from my notifications, and I included an extra one to show I don’t have the extra buildings.

You can also see here my town’s net worth - definitely above the required amount.

You must turn on debugtools mod and activate upgrade town event manualy. It is possible.

Did you save and reload the game?

Yeah I did, luckily its fixed now thanks to me learning that the debugsmod existed :joy: i never venture into stuff like that, but it turned out an easy fix, so thank you to EregionChannel ^^

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Thank you! All fixed now :slight_smile:

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Did any shop appear when you summoned the herald?
There’s a bug where the notification will disappear without her returning, but the timers keep counting in the background so she comes the next day or so without you having to use debugtools (when you meet the criteria, she will return at some point even if you don’t summon her manually).

There can be other bugs related to when she first comes, but since you already had the sticky, this is probably what happened.