Worker outfits missing item/category tags


The Upgraded Worker Outfits and Winter Worker outfits are missing the tags that designate which stockpile filter they go into. I’ve had a stockpile with “all” checked and they didn’t want to put it in there either.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(a17, 3002)

I’m having the same problem. Upgraded worker outfits just lying all over the place, never being put in stockpiles.

0.17.0 (Dev 3002) x64Build

Worker outfits just get left laying around the place, though armors, tools and weapons are fine.

I’m page @yshan since i think she’s working on stuff like this? I dunno

@yshan i think the new stockpile filters broke some items; don’t have the game on me now but from what i recall stone chairs, stone benches, stone lanterns, wooden lanterns, etc are missing tags

I will check this out tomorrow. Thanks for noticing it!