Northern Alliance and BrightBell Flowers

So, might be a silly question, but, can i get Brightbell flowers for Northern Alliance.
Yes, i know the biome is not suitable, but if i wanted to create the Font of Summer, how can i?

Brightbell flowers - the herb, are regularly brought by merchants. You can use your herbalist, to create seeds out of these blooms and plant them. Rarely, traders with seedboxes come by and give you small trading quests to obtain a recipe for your farmers.

Ronia gives you brightbell seeds during the town tier quests, too. If you plant them, you’ll eventually get more brightbells.


Ah ok, ive not had any traders come with any… might have accidentally used the ones she gave, but that was a long time ago.
Is there a way to spawn an instance of certain traders?

Build market stalls, those can be used to summon random traders

Aha, will do, forgot about those.

Dont worry, just found out that my Geomancer creates all this when she makes a field of stones :joy: