Can you not get seeds in the winter biome?

I’m having trouble getting seeds for cooking in the winter biome…I’ve been playing for at least 100 days not one seed trader offer.

What tier is your town at?

I think it has an upgraded hearth and we’re working on the statue of makers or something like it lol

Only Rayya’s children have the connections necessary to access the underground seed trading network. Try reembarking from an RC game.

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@Jade_Elizabeth, have your potter build clay market stalls. It HAS to be the potter’s version. The clay market stalls summon RC merchants.

They are the same. Both will trigger the trader campaign, which is tied to the kingdom.

No, the carpenter version summons a generic shopkeeper. The potter’s stall summons actual named traders.

I think, once you use the potter’s stall, it unlocks them for the carpenter stall. Either that or it’s an RC issue. I play RC a lot, so that’s entirely possible.

But, I used the carpenter’s stall just yesterday on an NA campaign and it summoned a generic shopkeeper. I had to make a clay one to get someone with a name to show up.

EDIT: This was a re-embarkment campaign using RC characters transplanted to NA. I had the stall in the re-embarkment equipment. It still summoned a generic shop.

No, both does that. Just take a look in the code, or test it in-game with new markets (those from a23 will still summon the old basic wood/stone seller)

Wood version:

Clay version:

As previously mentioned, it will summon a trader from the kingdom campaign. It is up to the kingdom to have a good pool of traders, the summoner stall does not matter.

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Boy, was I a font of misinformation. I’ve never gotten a basic resource shop off a clay stall. It’s always been a wooden one.

I’ve gotten seeds while playing RC and AC, never with NA…I think it’s important that all of them have access to this especially if somehow it’s changed for AC. Otherwise we can only ever farm one thing and even I want to die knowing that LOL.

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