How do you get new crops?

My poyos are starving and I don’t know how to get corn

Once you have a level 2 farmer I believe it is, you need to promote the farmer to a cook and then on their workbench you can craft corn. (to promote them you need a mason and to craft a spoon)

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Cook takes the corn the farmer grows, and turns it into corn feed. Same with Carrots for rabbits and wheat for sheep.

I knew that the cook can make feed but I need to corn to make feed, how do I get corn, is their a trader that sells them?

Thats what Stonehearthfan was saying. Your farmer needs to be level two, then you can grow corn.

Sorry, I should have been a bit more clear, I can see what I said before is somewhat confusing.

You first need a level 2 farmer to plant corn on a farm plot. If your farmer is level 2+, do a new farm plot or use an existing one and select corn.

Then once your farmer reaches level 2, you can promote them to a cook which allows them to craft Poyo Feed.

As for a trader, I’m not sure, I don’t remember seeing one, But there may be one.

Hopefully this helped :stuck_out_tongue:

No there is no trader that sells corn, but there is a trader that sells poyo feed when your town reaches tier 2 :merry:

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I understand now, thanks!

And what happen with rayyas? who dont have wheat or frostsnap flowers to name a few

With Rayya’s Children, you must wait for a seed trader to visit your settlement for the wheat and other unavailable plants. For the flowers, quite a few of the item traders have them for sale.

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