Carrot farm plots


I have been browsing the search function for a while now and checking steam discussion boards, but found no clear answer.
Been a while since i played this game again and picked up my settlement from early 2020 again.
I have a settlement in the cold areas and while i have 12+ carrot seeds now, the only way i can plant carrots is by manually planting them in the dirt. My farm plots don’t show those anymore.
In fact, save for Fallow, Heirbloom, Sweet potato and cotton, they can’t plant a darn thing :stuck_out_tongue:
I also checked the herbalist planters, but no dice.

Am i doing something wrong?

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If you’re playing as Northern Alliance, that is all they have. You need to get a trader to trade you some seeds, so you can learn those.

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I have plenty of carrots and seeds.
I even bought carrot seeds from a trader and made seeds from carrots i had.

My issue is that they just will not show up on the plots as something i can plant, i don’t get the option to do so.
I also don’t see any herbalist recipe to make anything i can use/consume to learn how to plant them in the field/planters like you would with certain other seeds.

is this normal for my region/climate?
Or am i just dumb and missing something obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

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You mentioned that you picked up playing from a settlement from early 2020, so, were you continuing on that save with the new ACE update? If so, then the farming will likely not function properly, since it got quite a rework to allow to separate different field types for vegetable crops, bushes, trees, and decorative flowers. A brand new game is required to use the current version of the ACE mod now.

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Aw really?

Will those issues persist when i start a new adventure from that colony?
Ive been trying to get an orc or dwarf one started.
Or would i need start all over again? 0.0

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Nope, any new games, including a reembarked game, will not have any issues :slight_smile:

No orc or dwarf colonies available in the game (unless you have a mod that does that)
You can get orc citizens, but that’s that.

Ah good to know :slight_smile:

Hm, the lack of colonies for both makes me kinda sad.
I got a dwarf quest when i booted up my game earlier and i got my hopes up.

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The dwarf quest is from the new ACE update and will allow you to learn how to cultivate mushrooms :slight_smile:

But no Dwarven citizens… yet :wink:

That is not the problem. You have carrot seeds, yes. But those seeds are only for planting one carrot.
I’m talking about a crate that’s also named something with seeds. Kinda confusing, yeah.
But those are the seeds you want.

Hm… Haven’t come across those yet.
Can’t even make them.

Guess ill move settlements once i get my geomancer max level and get t least the orc in the village.