Northern Alliance - No Wheat?

I’m closing in on my second northern alliance titan fight. The entire time I’ve been playing the northern alliance I’ve been hanging out for a “seeds from a foreign land” trader quest to give up wheat or carrots… something to make wider use of the cook’s skill-base. Nothing gives! Traders seem to get stuck on offering me cactus, waermellon and gourds.

It’s almost as if the northern alliance considers it’s non-foreign plants to be the same set as ascendency for quest-purposes, despite them being very different starting crops for both kingdom types.

Has anyone gotten wheat for Northern Alliance foreign lands seed quests? Or is RNGesus just being particularly harsh on my farming-vlbe?

This appears to be correct: probably as an oversight, there is no trader campaign override in the NA mod. The primary relevant file is [mod_name]/data/gm/campaigns/trader/arcs/encounters/returning_crop_trader_encounter.json, though probably some other files are also important to include. The Ascendancy and Rayya’s trade encounter files should also be updated to include NA crops as possible rewards.

@linda This shouldn’t be too difficult for you guys to patch in, right? Seems like it belongs in the base game.

Edit: @VonMalefic in the meantime, you can enable the debug_tools mod and then the next time you complete such a quest (or just feel like you deserve it), manually spawn the stonehearth:consumables:seeds:wheat_seeds or stonehearth:consumables:seeds:carrot_seeds object using the Item Stamper tool.


Thanks very much for that. :slight_smile:

aaand now i know what to mod in for my nordlings too…thanks paul :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: and now these exist :smiley:

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