Missing (blacksmith?) items

Hi! I’m new on the forum and im playing Stonehearth with some mods.
I’ve downloaded some building templates (winillixus farmhouse, blacksmith etc) and it seems there are some items in it, for example:
iron wallmounted lantern
blacksmith’s door

that i cant find in the crafter’s menu. I’ve red something about tiers for the crafters.
Can somebody explain where or how i can get or craft these items?

Missing2 Missing1

I am not 100% sure but I think you get these items through high-tier merchants or through loot-drops from monsters. I don’t think the Blacksmith can craft these.

I think some of the recipes for these items are unlocked when you reach tier 3 with the Guildmaster’s Skill statue and others with the Fountain of Plenty, when playing Ascendancy.

The potted Fox Lily recipe can be obtained for the potter when you get tier 3 with the Trader Monument, when playing Rayyas Children.

But otherwise yes, high tier merchants or rare loot are other ways to obtain them.

You could still delete the ones that you can’t craft yet after placing the template / before clicking on Build, so that it can be finished earlier, if you prefer.