New to Stonehearth, need some game play assistance!

Hi guys,

I am running the experimental beta and have setup a number of little villages and beat some Goblins over the head.

What I am unable to work out is how to get a Blacksmith running. I see from the game mechanics, I need to get a hammer and chisel from the wood worker, which will let me create a stone mason which will let me create a blacksmith.

Issue is, I can’t find the hammer and chisel option in the wood worker build screen. Am I missing something here?

With thanks!

Just answered my own question.

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Looking at the road map, some of the items listed as coming are in the experimental, so if you have any ideas please share.

Yes, there are still many unimplemented features even though you can see buttons that suggest they’re in the game. They are only hints of what’s yet to come.


Thanks Relyss, was 90% sure I was not doing something wrong, but being new I wanted to check.