Your Stonehearth Strategy

I always seem to be so unprepared for certain things, most namely the Goblin Chieftain’s encampment because I can’t get a blacksmith soon enough to arm my footman, so they end up with leather armor and stone mauls and just barely survive a raid. I was wondering, what is -your- plan or strategy when you play a new game? Who do you promote, and when? No, I’m not asking for tips and tricks - if you feel like typing it all out, I’d love to see a full, in-depth path you follow (if you do) throughout your playthrough.

Usually, I section my gameplay into ‘phases’, and once I fulfill a certain phase I move on to the next. I always want to keep atleast three or four people that can do each of the jobs - mining, hauling, and building.

Phase 1: 1 Farmer, 1 Carpenter, 1 Footman, 1 Trapper

Phase 2: 2 Farmers, 2 Footman, 1 Carpenter, 1 Trapper

Phase 3: 2-3 Farmers, 2-3 Footman, 1 Carpenter, 1 Trapper, 1 Mason, 1 Weaver

Phase 4: 3 Farmers, 3 Footman, 1 Carpenter, 1 Trapper, 1 Shepherd, 1 Cook, 1 Mason, 1 Weaver

Phase 5: Add a blacksmith, and continue increasing the numbers of farmers, footmen, and trappers as needed.

As you can see, I don’t get a blacksmith until really late… this ends up being a bad strategy as my footmen are totally under-armed for the goblin chieftain and his encampment.

I usually just spam out making stuff until my mason gets a blacksmith, my blacksmith is usually one of the first things I get because of this. I’ll get a farmer, make the rest of my hearthlings dig like crazy and just spam make stuff until I get the levels for the blacksmith

Your phases seem good. Blacksmith is useful but lately. You can craft good weapons like 15 Atk or get the 24 Atk.

I like to take it Footmen ready style as of the last few updates.
Phase 1=day 1
2 Farmer 1 Carpenter and I build 8 wooden swords and shields.
I change everyone into a footman and take anything out that I can possibly kill
and then change them back.
Phase 3=day 3
4 Farmers (1 of those will be a cook) 1 Carpenter 1 Stone mason
The trappers nice after 20+ hearthlings.I never need him or a Shepard until much later.
I’ve noticed that 4 footmen with good gear is good enough to beat anything as of this release.
Phase 5=day 5
3 Farmers 1 Cook 1 Carpenter 1 Stone mason/Potter(I will bounce him back and forth as needed)
1 Blacksmith 2 permanent Footmen 1 Weaver if the silkweed is ready to farm up.
I notice its harder these days to get a hearthling on 1st update however if you are picky about
harvest able food you can still get it with the right camp at the start.
Phase 5 for me is usually 11 hearthlings.

I start with a trapper because he gives jerky and a good stock of cloths for the future.
In general, a farmer should be promoted with a trapper in order to get a cooker using eggs and preparing meals for animals.

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The current level of food and happiness for a hearthling update don’t require you to
have them until after 20+ hearthlings.The hard part about those updates is the net-
worth after 30+ hearthlings.My approach is a expansionist to 40 hearthlings asap.
Networth is actually rough to get at 30+ zone.My goal is basicly survive anything
that attacks me and get 40 hearthlings in 40 days of play.I can get my 40 hearth-
lings in 40-41 days.Early on the trapper is prone to doing me nothing of use.
Until they implement weather the weaver is pretty useless towards my goal as
well.When working on my networth goals the carpenter,stonemason and black-
smith are the most helpful.Not to mention the combat isn’t hard enough to warrant
using armor at this point and a good weapon is much more useful.

It depends on how you want to play your game :grinning: