How do you guys progress through StoneHearth?

This is just a thing I decided to do because I’m bored. How do you guys like to start off your StoneHearth “runs” you could call it, and how do you progress through the game. I’ll start off.

  • I usually buy the trappers knife and start in an area that is by a hill and a river, and a forest. I place my banner into the hill that I decided to set myself in on, and I immediately make a hunting grounds.

  • I then get to work on the trees and stuff around my little area I settled in.

  • Fast forward I have about 12 hearthlings and I got 2 farmers 1 trapper 2 footman 1 mason 1 carpenter and the rest are workers. I then just acquire more workers and farmers and get 1 cook and 1 blacksmith, and once I feel like it I get a weaver.

  • Once the goblin armies are vanquished (for now!) I get to work on making kewl villages! So how do you guys progress through the game? I’m always interested in finding and reading other ways to do the same thing!

I start out with the 3 tools and pick a place that’s normally 4-2-2 in resources.
I immediately start farming turnips & corn. I create my own building which is a shared sleeping quarters (~8 beds in a room) and cut down all of the surrounding trees. If I’m good I can normally get very close to the first day’s requirements for a new hearthling. I’m normally missing just a bit of food. I create a footman around day 3 and I spend the rest of the time creating specialized houses for my carpenter/mason/etc so they can craft things faster.
I defeat the goblins after I get 2 footmen which are above level 2 and have the wooden shields. Then it gets pretty easy after that.

Yeah the combat is a bit lacking in this game but I mean hey, it’s in alpha. I like your strategy though, you’re the first person I’ve seen on this forum that doesn’t buy the trappers knife off the bat.

i love the trappers knife… the fur can be sold for gold to buy what your missing and it provides food as well the other tools can be gotten early on by the carpenter so unless your playing rayya’s children the trappers knife is just superior.

i always buy the trappers knife first, even with rayyas children, for the extra trade money, and because one of the first few traders almost always has the other three tools to buy. its a gamble i guess, but i like having it

I usually go with a sword and hoe to start. I never put much into the Trapper/Weaver early so, my main concern is maintaining a defence while blustering my food for future settlers.

Usually somewhere along:

  • Farmer x2

  • Footman x1 (Next villager will be the 2nd)

  • VIllagers x3

  • Carpenter x1

But after the villagers start popping in I shift to a more military focus to keep me alive until I get too strong for the game :slight_smile:

Hey @gandalftheblack, just wanted to hop in and say Welcome :smile:. Great news, Alpha 14 is expected to include some big changes on the combat front. You can see one of the planned changes in this weeks Desktop Tuesday about the Herbalist!

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The trapping knife is decent for trading for the fur but i can get people faster my way. The trapper doesn’t make nearly as much food as a farmer does. Plus I get 2 other things out of it.

yeah but you can always make all that other stuff for 1 piece of wood… it takes ALOT more effort to make a trappers knife.

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I normally start building early and try to get a blacksmith early on in the game, so he/she can level up enough to make the epic weapons and armor.
Normal 1 footman for a while until the raids get more frequent and then i get another…
Farmers: normally 2… After a bit of building…
I always have one carpenter and i don’t bother with weavers, shepherds or trappers until later on in the game.

I’m no pro, but i do love the game! :smiley:

I like starting in mountains, with wood, near water/lake/river as well. I start with the trapper’s knife because there’s no gain in buying the other 3 tools - they’re pretty much the very first thing my carpenter makes anyway, and I set a carpenter ASAP (so I can get some beds down quick).

I reroll until I can get a few high minds, 2 high body/compassion (one with 6 compassion), and 2 high body. if I can get 3 high body/compassion, it’s even better. I immediately clear the surrounding area of trees, make the leader unit my carpenter (a 6 in mind, and highest of high minds in other stats. I’ve had a 6/6/6 before, so perfect leader there), and get him to craft the tools, and then get working on beds. after that, the basic windows and doors so I can plop down preset shared housing for everyone. Every new crafting tool goes to the high mind hearthlings, although I’ll save a high mind for a blacksmith and put the next highest on mason (so carpenter>weaver>blacksmith>mason), before putting the mason on stone fence duty. the weaver gets to maintain 3 bundles and 3 thread, and will eventually make winter clothes a few days down. I give a high body hearthling a hoe and make him farm immediately - if I do it quick enough, I get a new hearthling by the next day, although I’ve done it without a farmer before, just requires going far to pick berries or a lucky merchant. I set a high body/6 compassion to hunter, and switch them to shepherd ASAP, passing the knife down to the next high body/compassion (gotta get them pets, man). the leftover high body gets put on the sidelines for a few days so he works on the town - workers are precious, and on the first few days, a warrior isn’t. I still make a sword and shield just in case, but it’s generally unused until the goblins show up, and by then I have a few more hearthlings.

what usually stops me from getting the 2nd hearthling usually isn’t food, but net worth. I usually don’t even finish the first building until the 3rd day, but luckily partial buildings still give partial credit to your net worth, so that’s not an issue, and wood is plentiful, so I don’t really have to worry about harvesting anything and can focus on building.

after a week, I’ve got 2 shared housing and 1 dining hall, and have already set a 3rd shared housing to be built. I also have all the crafting stations lined up next to the “raw material” stockpile (raw resources and “valuables” go here, so wood, ore, gold, plants, etc), with another stockpile on the other side of the crafting stations carrying only finished goods (fences, tools, etc). I place another stockpile next to the raw material stockpile carrying food, but by this point I’ve already moved it down to the farms. I’ve also got 2 farmers, 1 footman, 1 of each crafter (except cook), a shepherd, a hunter, and several workers. it doesn’t take long for my blacksmith to make steel armour, but that’s unnecessary to face the goblins, and (unless I’m lucky enough and get the bone hammer from a trade) my soldier usually makes do with a wooden shield and a stone mallet. it’s more than enough to fend off goblins (although if I get the bone hammer, I can one-shot the goblin king, so I don’t really have to worry at all). hopefully I also have some stairs in the cliffs as well, and I usually try to get a road set up by now.

I’ve never gone much farther than this, but then again there’s currently not much else to do by this point, as there’s no new threat or progression yet.

I’ll start in a mountainous area with the trappers knife. Trappers take pretty long to gain exp and all the other stuff is built easily by the carpenter. With Rayas Children thats a bit of a gamble tough, but i also like to live dangerously.
For the beginning i dont really care much about housing, but i like to build up sleeping quarters with a few beds. The Hearthlings are pretty efficient in using them. :wink:
Until my village is at 20 Hearthlings I’ll only have one fighter. With the flag system, its pretty easy to defend the town with normal villagers. Just allways gather your people before attacking…

I already saw it :smiley: so I’m super excited for whats to come with combat!