Starting StoneHearth!

Hey there I just started playing StoneHearth and I absolutely love it, I have about 15 hours of gameplay so far and I just wanted to know what are some common things that all stonehearth players know such as what is the average amount of warriors do you want, should you only have one mason, one cook, one weaver, about how many farmers should you have AND what is the easiest way to build complex buildings?
If you can help me please leave a reply! I want to get better at this game

Also yes, I did read the getting started hints at the homescreen but I want more insight from players

Hey there @PotatoPhan, welcome to the discourse! I am going to do my best to answer your question below, but much of it will depend on your gameplay style, because at the moment there isn’t a “you must do this to win” type of system, it is all a giant sandbox for you to have fun in.

Don’t play on normal mode much, but having 2-3 during the Goblin campaign is wise, afterwards, likely don’t need more than 2.

Depends on what you are doing. If you are building lots of stuff with stone items, might need more than one mason. Same idea goes for weaver, lots of rugs needed? As for the cook, I tend to have 2 once I get more than 15 or so Hearthlings, but it really depends on how many mouths you wish to feed.

As with a cook, this really depends on the number of citizens you have, and how much you are trying to grow. If you have just the 7 starting hearthlings, you likely only need 1 farmer to feed everyone. However, if you are trying to grow 10 full size tree farms, you are going to need more. It all depends on the scale you are looking for,

For specific building tips I am going to direct you to take a look at this thread:
If you have any specific building questions, try asking in that thread as many of the “pro-builders” have posted there.

Just for my knowledge, which homescreen are you talking about? Here on the Discourse? On the wiki? On the website?

Thank you so much for answering me so quick.

Here is where I read the hints
Thank you for helping on starting on StoneHearth :smile:

No problem @PotatoPhan, that is what the community is here for!

Hey @brad: we may want to work on updating those getting started tips…they were written way back when the original Alpha 10 was the latest build (not even 10.5)!

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since I have it set to 40 max Hearthlings I have 3 currently but will probably have 4-6 . since they will wander around they will have a larger chance to catch something trying to sneak up on me
I have about 9 farmers atm with about 20 Hearthlings to gather more food quicker when I feel the need but I tend to change them form workers to farmers and back as needed ( large building/mining areas) or if I run out of food I will change them into farmers again :laughing:

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