Any tips on increasing game performance?

I love Stonehearth and I enjoy everything about the game and its graphics and all of the things that come with it. However. My computer is pretty horrid, a potato, and in most cases, can only hold a maximum of 20 people in my town before it becomes nearly unplayable. I usually cap myself off at 15. However, this is not ideal for a decent military force and a range of dedicated crafters. I’ve learned that, once I have all the crafters, I don’t need workers as the crafters can build and mine for the most part. However, as the game ramps up and things become more difficult, I can’t handle my militaristic needs without sacrificing Crafters and having to flip-flop them which can get tedious at times. I don’t want to remove the monsters and play on peaceful as I enjoy the interruptions and even want to play on hard, but I need to optimize first, if possible.

I have graphics settings to low, but I dunno what else I can really do, if there is anything else to do, in order to optimize. Any tips?

System Info:

You can reduce the number of items in your game, because inventory tracking and restocking have a huge impact on performance. If you send over a save I can take a closer look too.

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its not your GPU thats the bottleneck in stonehearth, its just a case of how fast can you push one CPU in your pc.
stonehearth just doesnt multithread, and it wont, so its all about that raw processing power.

anything that makes it lighter = key.
so pets? gone. monsters? slay em all. animals? preferably delete those too :stuck_out_tongue: . from life.

I found a tip on Stonehearth Reddit, here is the quote:

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Make sure you can access every layer of the map, So ladder up all cliffs and down them. Bridge to every island etc.

This will stop a lot of AI hogging all system resources.

Aswell as destroying TONS of un-stored items will increase performance IMMENSELY. I suggest just collecting all you need like food, then just destroy everything you can find and set people to only do that. Do this frequently as it keeps things fresh.

I have two saves of my favourite world. One is pretty busy, but suffers no lag spikes. The other does. The difference that I believe is happening is that in the 2nd lag-spikey one, is a goblin on a ridge that can’t get down without a ladder. He seems to want to 'ave-a-go at my township after he spotted them on a graveyard raid nearby.

So, NPC pathing to unreachable places looks like it’s probably an issue.

The advice above about ladders everywhere might solve it. Though, that’ll have your villagers tracking huge distances to pick up useless stuff/walk into unwanted fights, etc, which is its own kind of pain.