Need help optimizing my game

My pc specs are A fair bid above the recommended specs, yet my game quickly starts losing frames and my hearthlings stop doing things between 20-25 hearthlings. are there any mods (except and compatible with ACE) that help with preformance. ty in advance

Sorry for the late reply.
This advice is from the ACE discord:

How can I tell if my game is suffering with performance?** Typical signs of performance issues in SH are often (but not limited to): Hearthlings will stop working all at once/idle for no reason Game stutter/game freezes when giving orders (like harvesting a bunch of trees) Only some lings will work and others won’t; sometimes they’ll just drop what they’re doing and stop working as well. Hearthlings starving out even if you have food available. Finally, you have a Processing Meter graph that measures how’s your processor being used. It can be found on the bottom right of the screen, next to the Time Controls. If you click it, you can see what is spending each %. Ideally this should have some (at least 10~20%) green Idle to be considered “healthy”. If you have less than that, your game is probably bottlenecked. Please note that you’ll always have plenty of green when the game is paused, so check that with the game running. 3. Ok! How can I improve my game’s performance? There’s a few things that you can do to make sure that your town will stay as healthy as possible in the long run! Don’t use stockpiles unless necessary! If you do, do so temporarily and then remove them as soon as you can. Always use storage containers like chests. Try to not hoard a lot of things! If you’re overproducing something (players often drown in herbs or farm vegetables) lower your production instead - make smaller farms, etc. You can keep supply chains stable by having a Supply bin (or any other “Supply” container) near the crafters that will use that kind of item. Supply containers are “priority” containers and will always get filled first - you don’t need to hoard, just organize!

There are some things that will often cause a lot of stress on the game: anything related to displacing water; building; mining complex shapes; combat. Make sure that when you’re doing one of these things, you’ll focus on them instead of having several of these running at once. For example - try to make water projects in small sections; same for mining. Do not order the building of 18 buildings at once, don’t keep massive combat running on maximum game speed, etc. These are slightly annoying but you’ll get used over time Make sure to refresh your UI every now and then (pressing F5), and also save your game often! If playing multiplayer, don’t use auto-save - so it’s even more important to remember to save often! (Auto-save can cause desynchronization on multiplayer if the game stress is already medium/high) Whenever you notice the game is really slowing down to a crawl, saving and restarting might help a lot! Try to remember to always save the game while ! Loading a game running on faster game speeds can be lethal for heavy/stressful saved games! Loading a paused game will allow you to let your game breath and graphics/UI to stabilize before running. Find the amount of hearthlings that works best for your hardware and make a commitment to stick to it. Some people can’t really get past 15-20 citizens, some can reach 70 - it all depends on your machine (and your patience). If you’re on the lower end of the spectrum, make good use of multi-classing (swap jobs) to enjoy the most of the game without sacrifices. As tempting as leaving no paths for enemies to reach your town may be, “stuck” enemies on top of mountains or distant valleys can be expensive for your game’s performance if left there. Try to always clean out enemy spawns and allow them to reach your town.

The more you can optimize your town, the better it will be for performance. Make sure to build roads so lings move faster and aim for keeping the ground clear of clutter! (Designating haulers and backpacks help a lot with that) Don’t hesitate to “Pause” the job of Farmers or Trappers when you feel like you’re overflowing with their resources. This really helps! Just remember to tick it back on Finally, the faster your game is running, the more processing powers it requires. If you can lower the speed and get used to playing on normal/slowest speed, you’re likely to keep your town going for longer and even grow a bit more. The performance of crowded towns can be a lot better on normal speed!

These tips will help - but they won’t stop the unstoppable. Unfortunately, all Stonehearth games are bound to reach a critical limit where you can keep playing but definitely shouldn’t grow your town anymore. This is ok. Different players/hardware will provide different results, and it’s all about finding what’s best for you. The fun is more about being able to play without worries than having huge towns, over time this is something that you’ll be doing automatically so it’s never late to start practicing!