High memory usage and low FPS


I’ve been playing this game for about three hours today. Stonehearth is using 7+ GB of memory and frame rate is down to about 25 FPS (normally like 50-60 FPS).

Here is a snapshot from the Windows Task Manager:

Here is the current game save:
1532895488734.zip (7.5 MB)

Here is the game I started playing with:
1531983109394.zip (6.0 MB)

user setttings:
user_settings.json.txt (4.2 KB)

mods in use:

  • rivers
  • workshop_inventory_display
  • obligationtracker
  • anorien_biome
  • archipelago_biome
  • grove_briome
  • homesweethome
  • canyon_biome
  • commemorative_items
  • terrain_colors

stonehearth.log (612.1 KB)

version: (x64)

Some things that happened during gameplay:

  • built four houses
  • fought goblins, zombies, stonelings, a golem, wolf packs
  • harvested resources like brightbell flowers, blueberries
  • assigned jobs to hearthlings: fisher, blacksmith, cook, farmer, mason, cleric, herbalist

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if any further information is required.


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Thanks for the bug report! Does saving/loading help? How about hitting F5 to refresh the browser? If you try turning down the # of lights or any of the other settings in the graphics section, do they help also?

Quitting and loading the game results in memory usage of around 1.7 GB. Frame rate is still around 25 FPS – possibly because it is raining.

I did not try F5 while the game was using 7 GB of memory, but I will try that if memory usage goes up again.

Turning shadows from 4 to 1 and lights from 50 to 25 doesn’t seem to make any instantaneous difference. I’ll play it for a bit with fewer lights and shadows.

Is this save from before 1.0 update ?

GPU only working 45% :confused: happens all the time to me.In Alpha 23 it was working 100% for me
Also in Alpha 23 i had over 200fps now start of a game 80

well in that respect lower is better ofc…unless the FPS is ass banto :stuck_out_tongue:
(also, wtf, 200 fps, what do you even need 200fps for XD)

It’s still strange why the game lost so much fps and as the game goes on it gets way lower so starting from 80 going down faster than what it did when we had 200

yeah true. decreasing power over duration is usually a memory leak-sorta thing going on so wouldnt be surprised if its the case here.

I just know that after A23 game took a fps dive by 50% or more.
Game is a lot more playable than before for sure with gameplay mechanics working better and more responsive UI but still wonder why fps was hurt so much and you also have to consider people with lesser machines than yourself so they can enjoy to :slight_smile:

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@Stauder02, yes, it is from a pre-1.0 game. Specifically version (which I think is Alpha 24+?)

	"name" : "",
	"town_name" : "Ist Varmoor",
	"game_date" : {
		"day" : 6,
		"month" : 6,
		"year" : 1000,
		"hour" : 3,
		"minute" : 51
	"timestamp" : 1531983109394,
	"time" : "7/18/2018, 11:51:49 PM",
	"jobs" : {
		"crafters" : 3,
		"workers" : 9,
		"soldiers" : 2
	"version" : "",
	"save_version" : 12