Stonehearth Eating RAM

I’d say I’ve gotten reasonably far in the save I am currently working on, many buildings, hearthlings, nothing out of this world extreme. When I began the world, I’d get more than enough frames, I’d guess hundreds. But now, my frames are dipping in what feels like the twenties, because of this I opened task manager to see if i could find the problem and it turns out Stonehearth was eating roughly 4GB of ram and I don’t know why. My first guess was objects on the ground so I cleared them all and that didn’t help at all. I only have 8 gigs of the stuff so 4 gigs is pretty significant (I ordered another stick, should arrive tomorrow). Anyways, I just wanted to know if anyone else has had it use that much memory and if so, how did you fix it? (if you did at all). Thanks!

Possibly relevant pc parts
Ryzen 5 1400
8GB ddr4 2400
RX 580

Did you try restarting the game. I have serious performance issues if I play for a few hours straight (hearthlings will just go idle it gets so bad). Should hopefully be fixed as they get more optimizations in. Restarting tends to fix any issue I have.

Have had the game running for a few hours and just now checked RAM; it’s using 6+GB on mine. So nothing unusual with yours i guess.

Just got the new stick of RAM in, but I also just got a big update for the game, so I’m not sure which one helped, but the problem I was experiencing has been improved. It still happens sometimes and it’s quite laggy, but not as often and not as severe.