Allocate more Ram for stonehearth

I tried searching if this was asked before but coulnd find it.
But when i view taskmanager I see stonehearth only uses 2 GB of Ram while I have 16gb Ram on my computer. is there a way for me to get it to use more.

Win 7 64bit
AMD FX-8320 Eight-core ~3,5GHz
AMD Radeon HD 7800 series


I’m just grateful that it’s not using far more anymore. My computer used to full crash due to Stonehearth sometimes back in the day.


I understand that. but when the game is lagging(full blue, red or yellow bar) and I see it can use more resources I want it to use more.

But is there anyone that knows how it can use more RAM


Are you using the 64 BIT version of stonehearth, The 32 BIT version limits the game to 2 GB I believe.

To check It will be under options / system.

Hope that helped :wink:


yeah i have that checked, so that is not the problem. thanks anyway

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Hmm weird, So just to make sure, Your game is crashing when using 2 GB, Or you’d like it to use more?

If it’s crashing, The only thing that comes to mind is the good old Lua JIT setting, Which was a issue for me a few months ago, They made that setting to do something and it stopped the crashing / memory issue for me.

Its still a option on the setting tab, But I’m not sure if that would help you any.

But that was months ago,

Sorry I can’t be more of a help, Hope you find a fix soon :wink:

i think @Oldra just wants his game to use more so it doesnt lag so much.


Ah I see, That would make sense (kinda) Well, Just ignore me then haha, I’ll just go back to building!


Is it capping at 2Gb or just using 2GB at the time? When I am around day 20 my client usually sits around 3Gb. By that time my LUA script was hitting 100% causing me to lag. I have not tested the limit since the latest patch so I’m not sure if there were some fixes to this. I actually asked the question about a hardware resource cap in the client, but haven’t heard anything back from the devs.

Regardless if it’s 2GB or 3GB, for those of us with beefier machines, it’d be nice to crank the settings to 11.


I understand this, and agree. Right now we have no idea if the 64 bit version is capped, and what the cap is. I was just asking because if yours is capping at 2Gb it may not be using 64 bit settings.

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Ok ive dug around some more on my pc the max amount of ram my pc uses for stonehearth is 2.4 gb. While i have 16.

I also found out this is the recommended setting on my pc for any program. It also said that while the recommended was 2,4gb it could use all of my ram should the program want to. I don’t know how to change these settings.

Im visiting my parents for the weekend so i cant find out more till monday.

If anyone learns anything new on how to allocate more ram please post it.


Well, if you really want Stonehearth to waste RAM, I could offer you waste.smod.

It will allocate RAM. Lots of it. The game starts a tad slower, though.


Is this only in the latest build from yesterday? I’ve been to over 10gb usage during A10 builds. Glad its not using over 16gb like it would in A9.

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My LUA hits 100% and lags out my game at around 3Gb. I haven’t seen it go past that yet.

I was over 10gb on the latest version just yesterday. What are you doing to get your lua so high? Building 3+ story buildings?

Nope. In fact most of my buildings are single story. I honestly don’t understand what is causing my LUA usage to go so high, but the ability to use my ram would be amazing.

so can i assume there still hasn’t been a solution for this ram allocation increase issue? because i’m capping at around 4gb right now and it’s lagging like crazy with 29 hearthlings and a decently sized village right now but i have a pretty beefy rig if i do say so myself

amd fx 8350
asus gtx 960 4gb
32gb of ram
asus sabertooth 990fx r3.0 mobo

yeah i have the power to do MUCH more with this than 29 hearthlings yet the moment i start building something my workers just kinda stand there for a while before realizing OH SNAP WE’VE GOT A BUILDING TO MAKE and then they take their time getting the pieces and seriously a single story building can take a number of MINUTES now at 4x speed turned on and don’t get me started on mining, holy crap the moment they start to mine everything slows down and chugs like crazy. early game with just 7 hearthlings things move so quickly and smoothly that i have no complaints but late game requires me to constantly close the game and reload it.

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