My people are standing idly by and they're not taking part. Why would that be?

45-60 minutes after opening the game, everyone’s standing idle. I record the game and reload it, but nothing changes.
What am I supposed to do?

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I have the same problem, couldn’t figure out what causes this. Back in the day, this was caused (and sometimes still is) when you have too many citizens. Now I have the issue with smaller towns

Same here, 20 citizens. the game became unplayable because nobody do nothing. Also the troops wont follow orders (i have only 6 between archers, footman and clerics)

My PC has 16GB of memory, of which about 4.5GB is used immediately after the PC is booted up. when I start StoneHearth, the memory usage is about 6GB, and after playing for about 6 hours, it becomes about 15GB. When I quit the game, most of the memory that was in use is released, but a few hundred MB is added. This increase in memory usage is more pronounced if I have a browser running at the same time. It is not uncommon for the memory in use to reach 7GB or so. Does your PC have about 8GB of memory or less? Shutting down the application is not enough; a reboot of the PC is recommended.

Yes, I have 8 GB of Ram and I appreciate you telling me a possible solution, but this game is over for me until I have a much better computer. I was fed up with the long loading screens and the very small amount of time that could be played in return. Goodbye, great game, goodbye, good memories​:sob::cry::sob:

I’m sad. Hopefully one day I’ll get to play this game again.
Damn it.