R870 - Are Tier 3 Settlements Lacking High Recipes?

I’m not seeing any new recipes for NA among the crafters. Is there a bug in my game or are they just not there? My crafters are itching to make new stuff. They’re giving me baleful stares and some of them are taking that impatient waiting pose.

@max99x Do I need to direct these looks to you devs or restart my village?

They may not be available from savegames made before the change. Are you seeing the issue on a fresh game?

I started this game maybe a day before the update that brought in Clan Amberstone.


Started a fresh game. I’ve hit tier 3 with the Font of Summer. Celebration is over and done. The party goblin just left with the last of the beer. And…

… No change in my crafters. The traveling merchants have amazing stuff and I feel like I should be able to build some of it. Nada.

Having the same issue.
Started a new game after seeing the Clan Amberstone update and reached Tier3 with Font of Summer, and altough it said I would have new recipes, I don’t.

Heres my savegame if it helps

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Is this still happening in R874?


I know it didn’t change the save game before the update. I’ve got a fresh game going, so I’ll be able to let you know probably by tomorrow.


I got the notification that the recipes were there this time. Rather sparse, but there.

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