My Experience on Unstable A23 (before you change it again)

I’m enjoying all the new stuff, and it’s nice to get it so fast. But it’s also a curse. I’m not talking about save incompatibility, but - the venture into the great unknown. Because I have no clue what’s new in each update, or often, what’s removed. I was hoping to report how I felt when I finally got a city together now that my save’s held for a while, but I feel like I’ve got to rush it before more’s changed. So here goes.

  • The name tooltips were really nice, and even though having them on every selectable item was a bit much and I can see why you took it out after feedback, I’m already missing hovering over my Hearthlings. The new unit frame is great, but for me, it’s not a substitute.

  • My carpenter has some significant “mood swings” - appeal drops as he goes to fetch items from the stockpile and raises again when he moves back to his workshop. Crates might help but it seems a little odd that he hates a natural part of his job so much.

  • I like the new furniture, but I’m missing the old look for a few items. Will we see some traditional items again in higher tiers, or are they going to be replaced with the new versions forever?

  • Appeal vision highlights the log in a fire pit as unappealing, even though it’s more or less offset by the appeal of the fire pit itself. Not critical, just makes things a little messy.

I guess I’ll update this thread as I run into more. Anybody else feel the same way about the unstable builds, though? I love it, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a little panic.


Higher item tiers will come back as entirely new items… that way you can choose when to make them.

I’m not sure how to feel about all the crafting recipes that no longer require a crafted item as an ingredient. It does make things simpler, especially when relying on auto-crafting, but somehow, I just don’t like it. On the other hand, that might just be because I’m used to the old way.

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It is likely that it is because you are used to “the old way”, yes - but I’m on your side on this; I, too, found it “logical” that an upgraded bed required a regular bed.
It also allowed for all my early beds to have a purpose in late-game ^^

Tbh, I haven’t even dipped my toes into A23 yet - I’m waiting for a stable patch until I start checking it out. But your feedback in this thread helps me get a view of what’s going on; really good feedback imo!

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Good feedback.

I personally like the new way of crafting comfy furniture. It acctually feel more real for me. I also really like the new comfy funriture line looks.

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There’s one little thing that just annoyed me enough to talk about, but not enough to create a new topic for. It’s probably been in the game for a while, but I didn’t notice it until now for some reason. (Oh, wait, that’s because it’s shown in the unit frame now!)

Market stall merchants have 50 HP.

My weakest worker has over 100, so what’s such a wimpy Hearthling doing so far out of the capital, where they’d be safe from goblins? Or are my settlers super-Hearthlings? I get why them being more vulnerable is good for gameplay, but it just seems off. Either hide it in their unit frame, or maybe just give them a multiplier on received damage due to poor “armor”? Not a big deal, of course.

I still miss name tooltips :glum: Is there any chance they ever make it back in in some form?

I probably won’t be reading the forum much since my marching band’s going to a :cow2: :football: :tiger2: bowl game right after Christmas, so I might as well get this all out now:
Merry :merry: Christmas :star2: :santa: :gift: :christmas_tree:, happy new year :fireworks:, and let’s hope next year’s a good year for Stonehearth :jubilant:

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