My response to the New Build

NICE JOB Team Radiant

The world Generation is smooth and very nice
The new work benches are well implemented
Happy some big bugs where ironed out
Never really got into shepherds but I’ll give it a try now, with the new update

I am running to a few lag spikes (performance issue), It only happens when Hearthlings are active, may be because on the path finding.
Also a bug with the Forge Workshop being that when the Materials are dropped into the table other Hearthlings pick them back up and restock them, but the blacksmith still finishes his/her job. (I suggest you fix that soon, If needed I can supply a Video, This only Applies When Crafting Bars)
Another bug I have run into is with Parties, when to set a point to attack, and then remove it the Hearthings that are in the Party become Inactive.

But besides that NICE JOB and Team Radiant is one of those that listen to their players.
Thanks for making an awesome game and keep up the good work

As I find more Bugs and such like I’ll update the page


If you don’t mind, I am going to post my thoughts here as well.

I have to say this is one of the most pleasant builds I have played on so far. I have been able to play for multiple hours without any crashes, and minimal bugs (mostly that can be solved with a reload UI or restart from menu).

The new art with the forge, and how things are created… my jaw dropped. All of the bigger benches are sweet as well, and I have had a very pleasant experience with implementation. Creating manual staircases, as well as manual builds… very enjoyable. The occasional bug arises with workers not removing a ladder, but 99% accuracy with this. My gameplay experience has been very high with A12.

The new pathing has proven to be much more efficient with fewer bugs, especially when adding up to 11 workers to the town. As stated above in paragraph 1, stickies are easy to smooth out and gameplay can continue.

Very impressed with the progress so far. My investment in this game has paid off! Can’t wait for what’s in store next!


I hadn’t played much of A11, and just got a chance to try the newest build out.

To start off, I chanced a very interesting map:

‘Heart of the World’

Obviously, I had to start in the ‘heart’ of the stonehearth world, by the lake.

Now I only gave myself an hour of gametime. My first impression was that it seemed a bit slower, but I had many chrome windows open in the background. The game ran exceptionally and there was very little ‘sluggishness’ that only became apparent towards the end of the hour.

Furthermore, the pathfinder was a lot more responsive. I had about 4 hearthlings climbing three sets of ladders to mine out a vein 100m away-from and two levels above my settlement. ALL ores were collected. Awesome! :sunglasses:

Multiple workshops were fantastic. They’ve been a feature I was hoping for since the beginning. I particularly like the toolbench model:

I noticed my workers skipped things in their queue that were unbuildable at the time and went on to the next item. Cancelling and moving things in queue is also working much better.

I like the addition of the stone chest, but 81 slots is a bit excessive! I think it should hold as much as a wooden crate but have higher HP when goblins try and raid your stuff.

The shepherd was finally of use to me. I rarely build a weaver at this stage and usually have an abundance of hunted meats. I like the direction gone with the shepherd, and found that rabbits spawned as rabbits do and make for a good source of meat, assuming you create a field of carrots. (On the topic of carrots, they used to be a resource I’d always have millions of. Glad to see them being used!)

The cook was a bit harder to get as I was waiting for my farmer to level - I made the mistake of hiring two farmers and their XP took twice as long to go up. I had to demote one to ease my impatience. A lot of my berries spoiled, so I’m interested in seeing what new recipes are in store for us. There also isn’t much the cook can make before leveling up, so I ended up stocking up my feeds just to get XP. There was an issue with the cook not recognizing raw chicken or eggs.

I didn’t get a chance to build much this time around, but might revisit this week to do so. I’ll also have a look at forges, hopefully the current issues will be… ironed out! :laughing:

All of the small changes you’ve been making the past two or so months have really added up to make a much more enjoyable game. Great work!

EDIT: OH AND HOW COULD I FORGET?! Great soundtrack!! Well done @Raj!

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