My crafters are not working

Im playing in the last ACE release as the ascendancy. My town reached 31 inhabitants when I realised my masons and potters just shut down and are not working. They just stand around idling. I promote them back to workers and to their jobs again and that seems to fix the problem, but three items in they shut down again. Anyone else experiencing the same?

If you can attach a savegame reproducing the issue, that would make it much, much easier for the ACE folks to find its cause.

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do they have enough resources
did you tell them to make a certain number or keep a certain stock
to test add a simple item like a chair to the mason
and see if they craft the set amount
if they do, remove and re-add all rhe tasks

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and most importantly, 31 hearthlings is quite a lot, might jsut be the AI shitting itsself because of the limit your pc will handle. what is the amount of hearthlings that his usually happens for you?

this problem never happened to me, though the usual inhabitant number my pc begins to have AI problems is 38 or 36

Hmm then it shouldn’t start now, in which case, what max said, a save file would help a lot