Farmer/trapper bug + herbalist break

when trappers kill animals they leave the stuff on the ground and it cant be picked up by others or the trapper, the farmers also will not replant crops after harvesting half of them and then the other half is not harvestable by the farmer. also the herbalist won’t make potions

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hmm… odd, i thought that was fixed awhile back…

i’ve seen quite a few reports of this, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

huh, i haven’t seen this reported yet… kinda stupid question, but you do have the required ingredients, right?

also, what version of stonehearth are you playing?

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I am seeing the same thing with my farmers, also to add to this, my cook is also planting and harvesting crops… Is this supposed to happen now?

Develop-2867 (x64)

as far as i know they’re supposed to help with harvesting, but i dont think they’re supposed to be planting…

paging @yshan

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I believe (might be wrong) that if the cook has nothing to cook (or cannot cook due to lack of ingredient and/or workbench), he/she will function as a farmer, and do anything a farmer can do, including planting.

in the newest version I have at least 14 herbs and I tried to make a potion but they wouldn’t do it

version 15 is what I am playing

Are those herbs in a crate? I have problems with 15 where crafters won’t use mats that are in crates.

I’ve reported the farmer issue too and haven’t seen a dev response on it. I use 1x1 farms now, which they will reseed, but it’s a hassle.

I haven’t noticed trapper yield not getting picked up, but it often sits for ages and my trapper (using 2 50x50 designations) produces crazy quantities of stuff and usually needs an army of help to move it all - and that army is often distracted by other tasks.

Having same issue with my farmers. They harvest and will only replant 1/4 - 1/2 of the field. Have to remake the whole field to fix it

Farming should be fixed in next build as per Yang in the topic linked below. Welcome to the Discourse @divioncassette!

i have one 25x25 trapping area and i have the herbs in a basic holding area

I just noticed my cook doing some of the farming and i like that the cooks use their previous skill sets(as the cook has to be a lvl 2 farmer first). it ands a bit more to the small community vibe the game has going

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