[Ack] Bug: Inconsistent build costs for Simple Room

The amount of wood that is used to build a simple room is inconsistent. I’ve noted this in multiple rooms and across multiple plays. Sometimes the final cost of a simple room will be 5 wood or so, sometimes 10. Sometimes I’ll even have more wood than I started with, without cutting down trees or additional stockpiling.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Cut down trees and gather a surplus of wood for multiple simple rooms. (I gather about 100 or so)
  2. Make note of total wood stockpiled.
  3. Construct a single Simple room, and refrain from gathering any more wood.
  4. After construction is complete, including removal of scaffolding, make a note of the new total wood stockpiled and compare to original total.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 gathering more data and comparing build costs.

Expected Results:
The resource cost of a simple room is consistent and constructing one never provides additional wood resources.

Actual Results:
Resource cost for building a simple room vary wildly, and occasionally provide a net gain.

This maybe compounded by a bug with the stockpile counter, but there is also a increase in the actual wood resources within the stockpile.

Versions and Mods:
Alpha release 34


I’ve just noticed some similar results. However I was noticing the workers would randomly go place a few blocks down, go back to the stockpile with wood in hand, drop the wood and then pick it back up again. This could explain the reason why you get more wood than you started with as it seems that while this happens the wood block becomes an infinite source.

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I noticed this as-well.

keep in mind, your units will recover a variable amount of lumber from the scaffolding … at least, I believe that was being considered at one point?

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I’m aware, and yes they do recover resources from the scaffolding. But I’m always comparing the numbers after the scaffolding is taken down, and that still doesn’t explain how you can GAIN wood from building a simple room.


apologies, i missed this initially… this is indeed peculiar! :smile:

i didnt see this mentioned specifically, but when you saw a lumber increase, were you perhaps building two houses simultaneously?

No with the current CPU usage I’m only building one room at a time, just like it says in my steps to reproduce.

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well, you initially mention building more than one at a time… but yes, in your steps, you indicate only one build… however, you dont mention gaining wood in that scenario…

just nit picking the details, i know… :wink:

I noticed that bug too, but only once.

I’ll try to confirm this, because I think I experienced the same, when they removed all the scaffolding there was a lot of wood, and I thought that maybe was the same or even more wood than what they used to build the room.

Yay for being able to finish rooms


It’s magic! Also, thanks for reporting this.

There are probably 2 things going on here.

a.) Tearing down scaffolding does indeed produce wood for the stockpile. It is very possible that the amount of wood reclaimed per scaffolding cube is greater than the amount of wood expended to build that cube. This is definitely something we should look into.

b.) There’s a known bug where your wood count can drop under 0. This happens because the stockpile UI does not register the contents of the stockpile until after you click “OK” on the last screen of the embark UI. We know about this bug, but are in no hurry to fix it yet.

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:point_right: [Ack] … :+1:

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