Craftsmen stop crafting (miscalculated wood resources)

After starting the game and creating two stockpiles (one for resources, one for food), I send the citizens out to collect food and chop down trees. Once I get a good stock of both (in this last game, I waited until I had 20+ food and 20+ wood), I make two carpenters – promoting two citizens with the ‘call of the saw’. So far, so good.

One carpenter I give the order to maintain 3 fence segments at all times. The other, I order to make six mean beds.

The craftsmen go off to work and start making things. After some time, the beds are done and the other carpenter stops making fences. I look at my stockpile, and I have plenty of wood, and plenty of food. I am not sure what is going on until I look to the upper-left and see that despite having 18+ wood in my stockpile, the game is calculating this as 2 wood resources available. In other words, since the fences need 3 wood, and the tally is showing 2 wood, it does not matter how much wood is actually available, the carpenter thinks that they cannot make the object because there is not enough resources.

I have a screenshot of the game… how do I include this?

there’s an upload button here:

Buuuut you’re still considered a ‘basic’ user, and I believe Discourse doesn’t allow them to upload pictures directly etc. to try and deter trolls and the like. I think you’d need to get your Discourse trust level up before you could do that, so just have a look through some threads, post some of your own views, and you should then be ranked up and be good. Or you could upload it to another website and link it. :slight_smile:

hey there @KDLadage:smiley:

as has been mentioned, you will need to hang out here a bit more and get “established”, before you can insert pictures… as for your bug itself, i believe this might be related to one of these existing reports: