Why wont my blacksmith do their job


i have tried to save and reload to no avail

Version Number and Mods in use:

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Can you upload your save here?

Should give some sort of clue to what’s going on.

1476649582674.zip (9.2 MB)

Figured out why she’s not doing her job.

You technically don’t have the wood resources.

This has been a bug for a bit and haven’t noticed this reported.

Wood in the stockpiles leftover from goblins is counted as wood in your town’s “inventory” although it’s not able to be accessed by crafters/builders that need wood.

Still a bug, but not sure if this is known/planned to be fixed.

Maybe yang could make sure it’s seen to.

This wood is counted as in your inventory although it’s not marked for looting.

damn we went thru 14 crates of wood that fast holy cow