My workers (carpenters) are just not doing their jobs


My carpenter workers are not doing their job. I’ve tried to assing new workers, replace them, moving the workbench to a different place, etc, I couldn’t fix it.

Steps to reproduce:

I don’t know how to exactly reproduce other than I constructed multiple buildings at that time. :confused

Expected Results:

Actual Results:


I tried to upload my save but I am still new on this site and it wouldn’t let me…
Version Number and Mods in use:
The newest version of Hearthstone.
Well, I have template and biome mods…
System Information:

I tried to upload my save but I am still new on this site and it wouldn’t let me…

You should definitely be able to upload things now.

The newest version of Hearthstone.

There’s your problem. You aren’t playing the right game.


You probably should put some form of “:yum:”, just in case @Mister missed the joke :sweat_smile:

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I am also having this problem. My blacksmith refuses to craft anything. He will go and collect all the ingredients and stash them in his inventory, but then he just idles. I am using the latest build.

I have cleared the queue, reloaded the savegame, and I’m not getting any error messages displaying. I haven’t tried much else yet because it’s late in the night and I should be off! Once again, Stonehearth has made me lose all track of time. :rofl:

Couldn’t upload my savegame here due to max file size limit, so see below dropbox link. Hope you’re able to figure out what’s going on, @max99x!

I see an unreachable log on the ground below a roof, sadly I don’t think hearthlings can reach it. :disappointed_relieved:
Your savefile also has some logs that pertain to the goblins, you can try using the loot tool over the map.

If you get more wood he should keep crafting.

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Thanks Relyss. I knew it would be something silly. I blame the late hour brainfog. Though that isn’t exactly intuitive, a hearthling not crafting because of a stuck log somewhere. :rofl: It would effectively never tell me I didn’t have enough logs for crafting and I would probably not have realised I needed more. Anyway, cheers!

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I made a “storage_alert” mod that is not at all polished (maybe I’ll get around to it someday, or someone else is welcome to do so) that can alert you about items that are failing to restock.

If you decide to use it, the border of the window it makes is draggable (it should start off on the left edge of the screen; if the list is empty, it’ll be a small brown circle); you can also right-click the border to collapse or expand it in case it’s being big and annoying and you already know you can’t reach those items.

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