What can we do with building resource tiers?

Clay buildings use clay bricks, which are bricks crafted out of clay, to be built. But isn’t this weird, now you think about it. I mean, you can use simple clay for buildings as well, and I’d imagine that buidings could be balanced without clay bricks. But it does raise an interesting question. What if we had intermediary building materials. What can we do with that.

Well, if it is something that is unlocked (building with it, not the recipe’s, because that’s unrealistic (what,?
I can build a chair but no planks of wood.)
), like with tiers or something like that, it could play into the gameplay mission ‘each action enhances progression’. These resources (hewn stone bricks, wooden planks and clay bricks) can then be used to build fancier houses (for the hearthlings, not the players, of course), or sturdier houses (whenever building breaking becomes a thing) or other things. Maybe we can have even fancier resources (polished stone bricks, glazed bricks, varnished wooden planks).

Anyone got other idea’s.


Oh that’s an awesome idea. Maybe each tier of housing would have it’s benefits and drawbacks, for example some of the fancier materials might give a low amount of appeal but at the same point hearthlings might hate the material so it has the opposite effect. It could even be so the fancier houses give less hp to a building. Like a difference between wood and stone. if heat ever becomes a thing, clay would insulate better then say stone for instance but it’s a weaker material.

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I like the idea’s for quality improving uses, but I will disagree when you say that stone should be a stronger material than for instance wood. Maybe for stone you can still argue it relative to wood, but that is a maybe. Certainly clay cannot be better/worse than wood.

I think that will interfere with the design styles of players, limiting what they can build. Here is why I don’t rule out the stone being better, we have, after all, templates with a stone first floor and wood for further floors, and that still makes intuitive sense and makes for good looks. But you can’t expect clay buildings to be worse than wooden ones.

Instead what I was suggesting is that higher tiers of the same resources are better than lower tiers of the same resources.

Maybe the tiers could have the same nomenclature as items (normal tier, fine tier and excellent tier.)

Oh and maybe the excellent tier can be more weather/heat resistent. After all:

  • excellent stone is polished, whih means less cracks that ice can slowly crack open by freezing and melting over the day/night cycle in winter.
  • excellent wood is varnished, which makes it more durable to rot. At least that’s how that works IRL. and…
  • excellent clay is glazed, which makes it shiny and smooth, which has the same benifits as excellent stone has, for the same reasons. It will also be more heat-resistant because the shinyness reflects more of the heat-bearing sunlight,… useful in the desert if you ask me.

Actually the thought I was having is that each material would have benefits vs downfalls.

Stone - it’s a stiff material, prone to cold and losing heat, heavy but solid. Good vs melee weapons, arrows and immune to fire but very weak against siege weapons. Bad vs cold. Great for temperate biomes and deserts, bad in tundra

Wood - flexible material, not as stiff as stone but harder then clay. Good vs siege weapons, and arrows. Because it’s flexible it’s often used to support other materials. Neither good nor week to temperature. Main weakness are fire, and cutting type weapons.

Clay - Extremely flexible material, soft until set this material is Good vs temperature and easy to use for faster construction, immune to fire. Bad vs blunt weapons and siege weapons.

Each tier would further exploit the nature of the material. It’s not that each material would be horrible towards their good or bad traits, but that they’d have an offset that while not huge would effect tactics in dealing with those types of materials. As far as ‘strength’ that’s subjective to situation. If your in the cold, but you use stone, it might be the best material because your hearthlings love stone. On top of that, your enemies, the goblin menace has decided to assault your town by running up and attacking your walls directly, etc.