Hearthling Build Logic?


So with the little bit more I’ve been playing I’ve noticed something bizarre with the logic of building…at least with my free-hand designs I guess? In trying to match the aesthetic of the NA I have designed roofs out of slabs and labeled them as “roof”, which seems appropriate, and added other bits like posts and railings as “walls”. I’ve used the room tool to make the basis for a building. To me, logic would dictate building upwards, start with the floor, add the walls, do the ceiling, add supporty bits, finish with the roof. And yet they almost always seem to start with a good chunk of the roof first and build somewhat downwards…like there’ll be roof building, then some foundation and walls, then they’ll go back up and do another layer or two of roof, then back down to finish the walls, then back up for more roof, then back down for some of the decorative slabs, then more roof…what the heck?

I actually just had to force build a wall I’d spent a good couple of hours working on because they couldn’t figure out how to build it…probably because you little gits decided to start with the roof!

Anyway, has anyone else noticed this? Is there a certain order I’m supposed to create in? Should I just build in smaller, overlapping chunks so they build more logically? And what, exactly, is the “cycle normal” option for in the slab tool?


The cycle normal changes the direction that the RPG view lowers the walls for the slab tool when you set it to wall so that it acts correctly when you use that view, ie, the wall closest to the camera lowers, letting you view the wall behind it. Hope that makes sense.