Building Priorities for Hearths

Hearthling should always build form the ground up. not in zones, i know it seems to make the AI go smoother if in zones and thats fine, but even then should always only go from the bottom to top. Hearthing are now skipping sections and building tops of building first. which in turn causes problems. where they cant build in walls.

Heres an example.


Hi @micheal_handy76_mh,
Can you please upload the blueprint for this building? I can poke @not_owen_wilson about it.
It helps a lot if he can put a template down and try to get it to build. Feel free to PM me the template or email me if you don’t want to share it here.

@yshan did ya get it, i know should have posted in Building will not build thread. but really was just suggesting in this thread more of a bug issue

Hmmm… I think I have posted something like this in the building thread, although referring to building flush against cliffs and the quadrant building working against building. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wondering if someone else noticed this, as I do find it somewhat odd in certain instances. Free standing I can handle most times… Would be nice if they would at least finish the floor below first; at least where walls & floors are concerned.

I actually preferred from ground up in some instances. But not all instances seem to work well that way, or at least intended progression in building. Well hopefully one day I won’t have to worry on cliffside things I build. :smiley: