Suggestion on the evolution of the game

this is my sugestion, I played alot a game of this type, and my very favorite of your game is your building construction, we can create a big house on plan, and you villagers go to create with scarford and other
I come for send my feedback
For me some thing need to be more develloped,

For construction

  • posibility to have a “slice” option step by step for micro-gestion on mutliple floors housses
  • add the ladders
  • ease of removal furnitures before the end (ghost) of the construction, (currently i use the gum option but one time on two he delete foundation block)
  • possibility to create a template on cave, villagers mine the cave for create the building in the cave (currently only work for foundation)
    is little bad to have been the mine block menu for 4 block and the wall 6 block


  • i have only 3 villagers for food production, and the production are realy too much for 28 villagers, i thinks the great ratio for this is 1 villagers for food for 3 villagers currently i have 19 people who have no jobs (workers)
  • trapper produce too much hide, 1 trapper produce hundred of each too easily
  • add the possibility to recreat any block of earth on menu construction, for create land or patturage


  • add menu for priorise the stockpile (level 1 to 5 ?)
  • buy/sale the sellers are not realy usefull, currently i use this merchant for sale my overproduction, but i don’t use any money, maybe add some object only buyable ? and auto-sale ?


  • add area for indicate where is the domain, and define the area of the random patrol
  • add patrol function ? for define the itinerary of each group.
  • Add lock (villagers can’t use)/unlock/open (enemies can pass through the door)) to the door option
  • Can train the soldiers ?


  • mountain are a bit boring, maybe add, the ressourne only at a certain level (gold at the lower)
  • Dungeon ?


  • the map creation are not realy good, currently all are create by plateau each level are separate by cliff of 10 block, so enemy don’t come, and is less realistic

That is my first suggestion after 12h of game
I hope that they could be useful

Thanks for this game and good luck for the next

Best regards
Dragondark de Lonlindil



  • Town Alert with 3 type
    Yellow, villagers stay on safe zone
    Red, villagers attack enemy on proximity
    Black villagers try to kill the ennemy (actual ?)
  • Auto-ressources on sheep, poyo or rabbit


  • add function hold position (for acher is great)
    (2 mode ?)
    stay without go to bed or eat on town alert
    stay only if sleeping and eating are OK on normal
  • add withdrawal with threshold on life (for exemple and parametrable? : if less than 1/4 go to safe zone)


  • Add bonus xp if a master of same class are on your party

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  • i have only 3 villagers for food production, and the production are realy too much for 28 villagers, i thinks the great ratio for this is 1 villagers for food for 3 villagers currently i have 19 people who have no jobs (workers)

You’re obviously playing the game in normal mode. In hard mode I need 3 farmers with 13 11x11 plots and I still have trouble getting above 500 food to get that 15th villager. So I feel like this is fine in normal mode.

You’ll notice that in hard mode, the game get a whole lot more difficult and authentic.

  • add menu to prioritize the stockpile (level 1 to 5 ?)

I agree with this, although I feel like I’d only need a “prioritize this storage place before others”. Or possibly, farmers prioritize this storage space. And then have workers transport it to your treasury afterwards. like a temporary storage place. I feel like that would put the footmen’s hauling abilities to good use too. This would work really nicely as I have a LOT of farmers walking halfway through the map just to get to my treasury.

Other suggestions seem cool too though ^^ I feel like a lot of them would add a weird different dimension to the game, but some of them could be nice :slight_smile: maybe even for modders.

Out of curiosity, what kind of crops are you growing? Also, a cook can convert the raw vegetables into veggie stew for a quick increase in food score. The edibles score is the gold value of all the food in the town inventory, so foods with higher sell value will increase it more. The cook converts the lower value raw crops into higher valued foods than what you put in, so it’s a net positive. :slight_smile:

7 x carrots
3 x corn
1 x flowers
1 x cotton
1 x wheat

I’m guessing I was supposed to get more corn?
It looks rather confusing in the promotion score, as you’d initially think it’d be the quantity of food, rather than the food gold value.

Yeah, for raw food, corn is the best for score, but grows slower. I agree the food score might not be very clear as to how it’s calculated. It tries to explain in the tooltip, but that doesn’t always work. I am open to suggestions for a clearer way to indicate to the player that the food score is as much about quality of food as quantity.

Currently the food value is simply indicated as “Food”. Simply changing this to “nutritional food value” or even “food value” would work for this. While cooking you could also add to the description that it increases the “food nutritional value”. As it currently seems like it would just increase morale atm.

having just “food” on its own is very similar to saying “population”. It would indicate quantity rather than worth, or experience level, etc etc. :slight_smile:

Good idea! I will poke the team about what to rename it to. We might wait to change the name until A17, depending on how busy people are.
Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

Early game I do 1 carrot, 1 turnip, 1 pumpkin. Then after about 2-3 days I throw in 3 corn. I try to roust up silk weed and bright bell plants so I don’t bother farmers with those. Then as I progress to 25 hearthlings I’ll have a trapper going full tilt, a shepherd with about 12 poyos, 4 farmers working 2 carrots, 2 turnips, 3 corn, 1 pumpkin and 2 wheat. All these plots are 8x8. Also have a cook just trying to keep everything cooked up so nothing spoils.

I’ve never made it over 42 hearthlings so I don’t know how crazy the food requirements are toward 50 so I may have to add a couple more plots to hit that.

I play on Hardcore Mode :confused:
with 6/7 plots, 4 for corn, (1 carrot 2 pumkin) and only 3 farmer
little more food are provide by my one trapper and one cook
and i have currently 25 people and not problem of food, the next villagers need more gold :slight_smile:

Hardcore mode?.. which version of the game are you playing? If you’re playing on steam and you havn’t opted-in for the latest beta version, chances are that you’re still on A15. Hard mode was introduced in A16.

I believe in A15 hardcore mode was called when you did not start out with any items, hense my confusion? 0.o

Nop it is in beta mode A16,
afternoon for me (FR) i can try to send my screenshoot for my city of configuration

but it is less grave in hardcore because i need to have 10 defender for 25 villagers so if I needed 10 famers for food i have not suffisant people for any jobs ^^’

[edit for @aMdivided ]
this is my party on HC

you see no problem of food :confused:

Yeah mate, i think you’re doing something wrong. I play on hard mode and with two farmers and a cook (1 pumpkin, 1 turnip, one carrot, 1 corn all max size and 4 poyos) and have WAY more food than I need for my 28 hearthlings.

  • Add lock (villagers can’t use)/unlock/open (enemies can pass through the door)) to the door option
  • Can train the soldiers ?

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