Hearthling entertainment?

I was thinking… what if the hearthlings had a certain time of day where they stopped working and took some time off for entertainment… like bars/taverns/churches/whatever… so that it would actually seem like a town rather than a bunch of slaves who never stop working unless they bug up or have nothing to do.

I would love to see the hearthlings take some time off everyday… maybe the time could vary per hearthling so that the town seems more alive.


hey there @AdriannaVentara … the developers have indeed thought about idle animations/other actions for the hearthlings … a few that have been mentioned were flying kites, sitting by the waterside resting, chasing small pets, etc.

keep in mind these suggestions/ideas were tossed around ages ago, so they could have been shot down entirely by now… :wink:


I agree that hearthlings should take a break everyday. But I think they have something like that when they are sitting around the campfire after dark. Maybe I am wrong about that. Another idea would be to have a day where after there is so many hearthlings , some of them take a day break and do some cool stuff like flying kites and chasing pets.

How cool would it be if there was something that let you build dedicated churches… and not just church-looking buildings for enjoying a meal in? Were there any mentions about religion coming to a head in gameplay? I know the Ascendancy sometimes mention the Church of Plenty and Rayya’s Children have, well… Rayya? in a Buddhist sort of way.

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For sure! In fact, I do remember Tom mentioning that actual ‘parties’ will be in Stonehearth eventually. As for the details on it, I’m not quite sure though. I’d assume that after a major feat, such as completing a quest, defeating a titan, or just simply winning a battle against some goblins, your Hearthlings will then proceed to properly, party down and or boogie oogie oogie till they just can’t boogie no more… boogie.

In addition to that though, there are also plans for drinks, satisfying your idea on bars/taverns and such.

But! I think this is a topic that has not been discussed as much as it should. With that said, besides bars/taverns and the concept of having an whole religion in the game, what other sorts of entertainment-purposed things would you, the community, like to see in Stonehearth?

Personally for me, after Pandemic’s… what’s the word for it… Umm… Oh, his ‘render’… This one:

Anyway, after his AWESOME render, I’d loved the idea of having a parade going through one’s town! Imagine if you defeated a major quest, this would be one awesome celebration afterwards! It reminds me of having parades in the ol’ game, Sim City 2000.

But yeah, either way, good topic Ms. Ventara!



Great idea surly (i know your name says not to call you surly but its better than calling you dont… lol)

Parades/churches/parties/bars/taverns would all be nice things for hearthlings to enjoy when not slaving away at the mines/farms lol.

For gameplay purposes these sorts of amenities could affect their happiness/morale… people with high spirit could be priests in charge of churches which would raise the morale of any hearthling that attends ect.

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Please fell free to call me Surly! I prefer it… which I suppose is odd to say…



It would be nice to have a bard class that wanders your settlement giving a buff to hearthlings or stands by the hearth and plays to boost morale

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think this could be a game that could stay without religion and politics. Like every game uses some kind of politics or relegion and this one really could leave this kind of topic. But yeah, some kind of entertainment stuff would be nice, like taverns or such things like that

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There can be religion… it doesnt have to be based on a real religion… and just having the ability to build a church/temple doesnt reflect any real religion. The ascendancy already mention this one guy in their journal… perhaps they could worship this one hearthling or something. Churches/temples are really nice looking buildings usually and it would be nice to have hearthling church in the game that could boost morale but wouldnt be completely necessary for those who dont want a church.

Hello everyone!
I’m new here but I thought I’d drop in with some ideas since I’ve been thinking it would make the game more interesting if there was an entertainment need for the hearthlings.
I would definitely feel closer to my hearthlings and care more about them if this was added :stuck_out_tongue: They would just feel more human.

Some stuff I thought of (if this ever came to be):

  • buying books from merchants
  • maybe a writer class
  • collecting small things (rocks, shells, whatever) -> this could also put the dressers to use, but I might be reaching here
  • musicians / bards, as it was already suggested
  • feasts (it could take care of the overabundance of food, too, and maybe attract outsiders, like merchants), but Surly had a really great idea up there
  • pets
  • small toys that the crafters could make for hearthlings to carry in their inventories and interact with (yoyo, maybe small musical instruments like the harmonica, small logic / puzzle games like rubik’s cubes, maybe even some sort of board game where several of them sit around and play together)
  • maybe adding a hobby preference? I know that’s asking a lot but it would be really interesting to see some of them sit down and sketch, read, some of them play musical instruments (and the others possibly listening), play card games, run around just for the sake of exercise, or sew. basically there’s a lot of things that people do in their free time that you can (and probably already did) choose from :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading!

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I’m hoping for this. Idk if this will still be a thing, but I hope it will be.