Hearthling entertainment

Hello, i noticed after a lot of gameplay that after doing all the tasks i had ordered from them, they would generally just idle around… Ever thought of adding an entertainment option and moodlet to the game? Example; Hearthling is bored and or overworked and needs entertainment. So i built a bar / poker area / dancing area. Maybe even a boxing ring for combatant hearthlings? Its just kinda lame to see them standing around… talking with people now and then. I would love it if they could go and drink a beer, gamble etc.

Download mods, there are some mods that implements some of that, if you download ACE it adds beer, mead and bar counters and lot more things.
For the rest i think @DaniAngione mentioned on making a mod with something simmilar like dancing and some form of hearthling ‘’ entairment". :merry:

Omg thank you! :grin::grin:

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Mods are awesome. I had same problems that i felt some parts of game are lacking/or could have been more complex but there are mods on most of these

A simple animation , for example a hearthling reading a book, would already be a great help in this regard. Simple and eficient.

Or just appreciating the town (somewhat similar to what travelers already do) ; perhaps sitting and appreciating nature …

I already see hearthlings clapping and celebrating when they have enviroment with high appeal rates. Not sure what mod do that or if its base game, but its probably ACE feature.

That’s just the base game. Celebration was an important part of the game for the dev team.