Suggestion: be a God, religion

i really love this game i like to think im the heartlings God. so i think it would be cool if the heartlings could also worship me and do my bidding. :slight_smile:

you could make a new class:priest/prophet and instead of crafting things. You can make him say things witch will influence the way hearthlings interact with each other and their environment. For example: Making your priest very aggressive will boost their moral as soldiers, but maybe wont create a nice society. you can create speaking platform for the priest, where occasionally heartlings will listen. maybe you can make an alter where they can sacrifice things and communicate what they want. Answering these prayers will make them more devoted and thus listen to your priest more. Increasing the effects you want your priest to have. This will also give the hearthlings a more interesting live i think.

different kinds of priest:
War priest ( increases effectiveness of soldiers)
nature priest (increases the farming speed)
order priest (increases crafting speed and skill)
you can go on and on, maybe also give negative effects so choosing really matters.

I think religion can help you influence the hearthlings behavior and thus create a more dynamic relationship with your village. You can choose what kind of God you are.

i hope you like my idea, ( i already build a cathedral so now i need a reason for them to sit in it)


What is this, Black and White?! :wink:


a bit, but not with the big animals. you dont control them you merely reveal yourself. By letting the priest reveal them what you are :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of a prist, and what he can do. Yet the part with being a god, is in some religions, including mine, a crime. The verry first comandment says: You shall have no other gods before Me. And making yourself a god is going against that. I know it’s just a videogame. BUT religion is not just religion. And I personally take this extremely serious. If the player became a god I’d reconsider playing the game. I think and hope I’m not the only one who would think this.
Thx for reading :smile:

P.S. I’m btw not judging at all, and sorry for bringing religion into this.(I know some people don’t like that) But it needed to be said.

I agree with that idea of God / religion, but in a reduced way, a second job of cleric could be added so that it is more like a priest who can create new recipes as much decorative as methods of curing serious wounds that our warriors receive (A new negative state that can not cure something serious just using magic) since the fight cleric makes it too easy to always heal our warriors, it’s my view of this idea, I’m new to the community I really love this game :slight_smile:

Hey @chrisfloor I noticed you are relativaly new on the discourse, I extend the heartyest of welcomes :smiley:

Thank you for taking the time to put your suggestion on the discourse.

Your idea is a sound one, it is intriguing and is built to tell good stories, the problem is it doesn’t fit stonehearth. Over the past threee years the team has developed a theme and a culture to the game, and you playing as a diety isn’t part of that, they would have to rework a lot of the lore as well as many of the dynamics of the game.

It should be noted that religion is already implemented in the lore, although it is a light version with very little specifications or ramifications. Each of the three factions have their “prophet” of sorts (Cid, Rayya, and the NA one I forgot.)

I hope this helps, keep the suggestions coming! I’m excited to hear what you can come up with.



More like “extend the HEARTHyest of welcomes”. Am I right? :jubilant: