Making Heartlings more immersive /sociable

It would be great if its added conversation system in the game.Heartlings would talk with each other and you could hear if you zoom in or insted of making new language add like bubbles that can be seen and deppending on the mood of the heartlings it will have positive or negative outcome on the moral when talking with each other so you must pay attention to it and have a traveler or event that the priest comes to your town to preach and thats one of the quick ways for heartlings to get moral boost and heartlings who listen to him/her will gain a boost in moral and will additionaly have boost in courage for few minutes but for priest to come to your town you must craft a stand or some sort of small oltar from where he/she will preach,to have certain wealth and for town to have a reputation of safe place.

I’d love an option to see speech bubbles of your Hearthlings’ comments - either above their heads, or popping up on the side as a dialogue box/bubble every now and again.

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