Is there an easy way to get the portrait of a hearthling into a campaign portrait bulletin?

Basically I want my fisher to show up in the bulletin portrait. As in this bulletin:
screenshot 2017_10_02__21_35_33

I can’t just have a pre-made image to this because the player can have any of his hearthlings in that class.

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No easy way that I know of, but there’s one hard way: make your own portrait renderer that finds the right hearthling and draws them, then expose that as an endpoint that can be used as an image in the HTML. portrait_renderer_service.lua is where you would start.

FWIW, I think it’s very likely that we’ll eventually want this functionality in the main game, but it probably won’t be until a few more alphas.


This is sad news :frowning: I once tried this as well, for presumably the same reason, @BrunoSupremo. Surprising considering how much improvement they did to storylines on the last pass - not saying Radiant didn’t do an awesome job as usual :grin:

I think it would be an easy way to add a lot of connection to each hearthling if we had the ability to easily frame a hearthling in a dialog window, since that way we could have them interact with us. Perhaps this implies there should be a more performant way of doing this, if the current “take a picture of them then save that picture” approach isn’t, and thats why it’s not implemented yet.